MSA pushes through legislation at last meeting

Senate wants school of journalism to reconsider the iPhone requirement.
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The Missouri Students Association voted to send a letter to the School of Journalism to reconsider the iPhone or iPod touch requirement for incoming freshmen at their last full senate meeting of the semester Wednesday.

Several senators brought up negative effects of the requirement, including Academic Affairs Committee chairwoman Erica Zucco, who drafted the proposal.

"I understand the journalism school wants their students to be familiar with new technologies," Zucco said. "But this is a pretty expensive piece of technology to require and the Macbooks the school already requires can do the same things."

Zucco is a former member of The Maneater staff.

In the past, students have been able to get an iPod touch for free with their Macbook laptop bundle from TigerTech. Although Brian Brooks, associate dean for undergraduate studies at the journalism school, said he was fairly sure the same deal would be available for students this summer, they wouldn't know for certain until June.

Regardless of the laptop bundle rebate, incoming freshmen who choose not to buy a Macbook from Tiger Tech will have to purchase their own iPhone or iPod touch, which start at $229 on Apple's Web site.

"I really want everyone to minimize the coolness factor of having an iPhone or iPod touch and think about what the use of the school's new requirement is," MSA Senator Phyllis Williams said.

Zucco said the journalism school has no accommodations for transfer students who would enter MU in the spring semester when the laptop bundle is no longer available.

Zucco said the senate chose to send a letter to the school rather than draft a resolution against the iPhone or iPod touch requirement because they hoped to do more research on the topic. She also said time was a factor because of the end of the semester.

"We haven't done all the research we would've liked to have done, but because of the timeliness factor we'd like to show some kind of action on this issue," Zucco said.

MSA's operations committee also approved a funds transfer of $4,000 Tuesday for KCOU to purchase new equipment for use at Summer Welcome. Had it not been transferred Tuesday, the money would have gone toward equipment for KCOU's new studio in the new student center in 2011.

KCOU General Manager Jonathan Hutcheson proposed the funds transfer to operations committee and said the equipment could be used to make the money back over time.

The equipment included a tent branded with KCOU's logo and a mobile DJ system.

"We can use all these things to attract students and get our name out there to incoming freshmen," Hutcheson said.

MSA confirmed several new appointments, including events coordinator Ben Hansen as Department of Student Affairs director for next semester and Emily Garner as Campus and Community Relations Committee chairwoman.

Senate also confirmed two members of the Board of Elections Commissioners, Dan Kelley and Sean Haynes.

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