MSA Senate elections begin Monday

Students can vote for candidates running in their school or college.
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Missouri Students Association Senate elections will be held next week, April 6-8.

Similar to past MSA elections, the Board of Elections Commissioners will e-mail students with a link to their voting Web site, Undergraduate students will be eligible to vote for students running in their own respective school or college.

"The students running next week are running to represent their particular academic college," MSA Senate Speaker Amanda Shelton said.

Senate, the MSA legislative branch, both serves as a check to the executive and judicial branches and works to represent the interest of the student body. Senators create and vote on resolutions and changes in policy which affect MU, which then goes to the administration.

The MSA Senate consists of 71 seats. One seat is reserved for the speaker, 20 seats are for senators not representing any particular academic school within MU and 50 are for students representing their respective school. Those 50 seats are divided between the various academic schools according to enrollment figures.

The College of Arts and Science, which consists of undeclared undergraduate students, in addition to arts and science majors, has the highest enrollment and holds 18 seats in the MSA Senate, the most of any college. The Trulaske College of Business and the School of Journalism hold the second and third most seats in MSA, with nine and five seats respectively.

BEC Chairman Dan Kelley said he anticipates the elections next week will be similar to past MSA elections.

"Like our last election, I'm fairly sure we'll receive the results of next week's Senate elections a few hours after voting closes on Wednesday night," Kelley said.

Last year's Senate election experienced technical difficulties. The ballots lacked instructions about voting for more than one candidate, though students were able to do so in most colleges and schools.

Although the deadline to run in next week's Senate elections passed in early March, students who would like to join MSA can go before the Senate during one of its meetings to nominate themselves for a position as a senator-at-large.

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