MSA Senate pushes to define role of communications director

According to a new Senate bill, “the need for a Senate Communications Director has become necessary due to the expansive growth of social media.”

Missouri Students Association Senate speaker Hunter Windholz introduced Senate Bill 57-01 on Aug. 15 in order to “permanently define the role of the Senate communications director.”

The bill was co-sponsored by current Senate communications director Jacob Addington, a member of MSA Senate since August 2016.

According to the bill, the communications director is “responsible for facilitating cohesive communications between the executive and legislative branches within the Missouri Students Association.” The bill also states that the role will include reporting “directly to the speaker and director of student communications.”

“As communications director, I am responsible for maintaining the Senate social media, which includes the MSA Senate Twitter account and the MSA Senate Facebook page,” Addington said. “I also maintain the Senate website, which means that I update the Senate calendar, Senator contact info and the Senate roster.”

Since April, the position has “led to increased interaction with the students at Mizzou and the community,” according to the bill. The Senate communications director position was especially relevant when a resolution in support of Tiger’s Lair was passed. Mizzou Athletics proposed to move the student section from the 50-yard line at Faurot Field, where it has historically been positioned.

“It was something that we felt would decrease student participation at football games,” Addington said.

Social media polls arranged by Addington aided the passing of this bill.

“The poll showed that an overwhelming number of students disagreed with the change that Athletics wanted to make,” Addington said. “Out of 265 people who took the poll, 86 percent disagreed with the decision.”

Sophomore Symone Hamilton felt the poll gave students a channel to voice opposition.

“I feel like the poll was the most efficient way to voice my opinion,” Hamilton said. “I think the situation was handled well and the athletic association made the proper choice in listening to the students and by keeping the sections where they currently are.”

The legislation is waiting for approval by the Operations Committee before it will be sent to full Senate. The amendment, if passed by the Senate, will be added to Chapter II of the Bylaws of the Missouri Students Association.

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