MSA swears in Paul and Hoffman

The new MSA president thanked supporters and planned his future.

The Missouri Students Association swore in Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffmann as its new president and vice president, at an inaugural ceremony Friday night.

The slate officially took office Jan. 21, after taking their oaths in an MSA Senate meeting. The ceremony boasted a guest list of more than 100 people and was performed in the Reynolds Alumni Center.

Paul and Hoffmann beat the runner up slate in the November election by a margin of 22 votes. Paul is a political science and history major from Neosho and Hoffmann is a finance and banking major from Webster Groves.

"The inaugural ceremony's a special night for me because we had family, friends, people I've worked with over the years, all here together," Paul said.

Among the guests were Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays, who emceed for the night; various MSA senators and officers; former MSA President and Vice President Jim Kelley and Chelsea Johnson; Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs; and keynote speaker Chancellor Brady Deaton with his wife Anne.

"The respect of the campus is reflected in Jordan's and Colleen's leadership now," Deaton said. "I'm thrilled and looking forward to working with them. It will certainly be a baptism through fire with all the issues facing the university."

Deaton also conveyed the importance of MSA in his eyes and what the organization means to the student body.

"MSA is very important to MU because they understand the responsibilities the administration has towards the students," Deaton said.

Making sure the chancellor attended the inaugural ceremony was one of the main reasons Paul planned the event himself, he said. Paul also expressed a desire to expand the scale of the ceremony from last year.

"I wasn't really satisfied as to how last year's inauguration went in comparison to the year before," Paul said. "By making the inaugural ceremony bigger, we're trying to give student government some more legitimacy."

After Deaton spoke, University Catering served dinner and each member of Paul's cabinet gave an address. Rachel Grabowski and Ryan Senciboy were introduced as MSA's new Department of Student Activities director and the Department of Student Services director, respectively. Department of Student Communications Director Porscha Kirkwood and Chief of Staff Domingo Pacheco, who worked as Paul's campaign manager, also spoke briefly.

"The reason I didn't hesitate to be Jordan's chief of staff is because he promised to make certain things I find important, like STRIPES, a priority in his administration very early on," Pacheco said. "I truly believe in the safety part of his platform."

Paul and Hoffmann gave short speeches after being administered their oaths of office by MSA Chief Justice Jonathan Sandhu. Both stressed how important each member of their campaign team had been during the election process.

"Whenever your margin of victory is 22 votes with almost 5,000 cast, everyone who helped you out really does matter," Paul said.

After the ceremony, Paul spoke of his goals for the year and projects already under way.

"We're trying to get the installation of emergency phones on campus wrapped up, hopefully in the next week," Paul said. "The sustainability referendum is obviously a big thing on my plate right now. Trayless dining is something I'll handle at the end of the semester because first I'm going to focus on things that have more student support."

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