MSA updates goMizzou smartphone app

The app has racked up almost 10,000 downloads.

The Missouri Students Association updated the goMizzou app for the iPhone and Android this semester. As of Monday, 9,533 students have downloaded the app for the iPhone and 1,540 students have downloaded it for the Android, MSA President Eric Woods said.

MSA manages the feedback, and the Division of Information Technology runs the apps’ operations. They have monthly meetings about what updates can be made for the app, Intercampus Student Council President Tim Noce said.

Business Technology Analyst Tom Gittemeier said updates for the app take 30 to 60 days depending on how big the update is.

“We’re working on Version 2 right now, and we have several updates to look at,” Gittemeier said.

Version 1.0 of goMizzou was first made for the iPhone and came out in August, Gittemeier said. The Android version came out in December.

Version 1.5 of the goMizzou app came out last week. KOMU/Channel 8 was added to the already existing news section, and new features were added to the app as well.

“There's now a course catalog and a STRIPES feature that lets you know if STRIPES is running and allows you to call them," Woods said.

Video and audio may also be added to the news feature, Noce said. The course catalog gives the days and times of classes according to the college it belongs to.

MSA and the Division of Information of Technology would like to improve the dining hall feature and make it more user-friendly, Woods said.

“It’d be good if people were able to look for dining halls located inside different buildings,” Woods said. “They also want to improve the map so we can look for auditoriums inside buildings. They’d also like to know where the computer labs are and when they're open."

A long-term project MSA and DoIT are exploring is an athletics app to post scores and schedules, Woods said. Streaming student radio station KCOU/88.1 FM, somehow incorporating Facebook and Twitter and downloading wallpapers have also been ideas for future updates to the app.

"We have a lot of new ideas up in the air,” Noce said. “We’ll just see what the people of MSA are coming up with.”

A further advancement to the app that would appear in possibly one year is a MyZou feature where students could make their schedules from their phone, Woods said.

"In the future, we want to incorporate MyZou so students can add and drop classes from the app,” Woods said. “The information goMizzou has is 24 hours old, so right now adding and dropping classes would be difficult."

DoIT is slowly working on putting an authentication in place, meaning students would need to use their paw print to log in to the app, Gittemeier said.

Noce said before adding new features to the goMizzou app, improvements must be made to what is already there.

“We just want to keep things up to date and make everything easy to use before adding onto it,” Noce said.

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