MSA works toward on-campus tailgating

MSA has been collaborating to devise a plan for next year's tailgating.
Parking lot CG-17, located at the corner of Rollins Street and Maryland Avenue, is being considered as a tailgating area. The location is part of the Missouri Students Association's plan to find a new tailgating location in response to the closing of Reactor Field.

The Missouri Students Association aims to sponsor an on-campus tailgating event for future football home games in response to the closing of Reactor Field last semester.

"We are working on the plan and are not finished, although I think we are all optimistic that we might have found a way to provide some tailgating space for students," Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs said in an e-mail.

MSA President Tim Noce has been meeting with Scroggs, along with other MU administrators, to discuss a tailgating pilot program for the upcoming football season.

"We are exploring using the metered lot on the corner of Maryland and Rollins as the place for student tailgating prior to games," Scroggs said. "There would be no cars allowed in the lot and MSA is considering whether to rent tents for those who want to use the area."

Scroggs said they have also considered shutting down part of Rollins Road for tailgating, but nothing is absolute yet.

Although Scroggs said they are still exploring costs, as far as they know, the tailgating endeavor would not raise student activity charges. Because it is an MSA initiative, MSA will use its event money.

Noce said the program would potentially include student organizations setting up stands around the designated tailgating area. Noce is also considering the possibility of umbrellas for rent during tailgating.

"We are putting together a student committee for the event," Noce said.

They also aim to incorporate more people from Greek Life and other aspects of MU spirit. The student committee will officially begin meeting this week to sort out responsibilities and goals for the project.

"My main concern is that students feel comfortable no matter what their age," Director of Student Communications Andy Chambers said. "They should want to come here."

All parties involved said though the plan is becoming more defined, it is still in its preliminary stages of development.

"We want a product that we can market and talk to students about," Chambers said.

Chambers said he aims to build a new and improved Web site for MSA that would allow students to voice their opinions about campus issues through polls, and tailgating would be one of the bigger issues.

Although MU is a dry campus, the university has an exception to the rule — alcohol is allowed at university administration-approved events, as long as all legal requirements are met in the sale and distribution of the alcohol.

"This plan creates an accountability factor that was not at Frat Pit or Reactor," Noce said. "Since it's a walk-in tailgate it creates a better, more social atmosphere."

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