MSO bumps up membership with event planning

The weekly events for Brothers and Sisters promote active participation within the organization.

The Muslim Student Organization is promoting increased participation this semester with new weekly events for both the Muslim Brothers and Muslim Sisters.

According to MSO spokesman Mahir Khan, the Brother’s Social Chair and new Sister’s Social Co-Chairs are in charge of hosting these events.

Khan said MSO is focused on hosting more frequent smaller events this semester, as opposed to less frequent major events.

“This semester we're doing a few more events than usual,” Khan said. “We want to have not just a few big events, but at least one little MSO thing every week to keep everyone on the same page and together.”

MSO President Arwa Mohammad said the social events promote community among members.

“We've also tried to incorporate more social activities to facilitate a stronger familiarity between our members,” Mohammad said. “We use the terms 'brothers' and 'sisters' to signify a deeper connection than just friends. As Muslims, having a strong sense of sisterhood or brotherhood is important to us.”

This Islamic principle of community has a number of practical applications, Mohammad said.

“For example, Muslims are encouraged to lend a hand to those who are going through some challenging times, and we are also required to visit our brothers and sisters who are sick, or at least call them and check up on how they are doing,” he said.

Along with these social activities, Mohammad said MSO is trying to hold discussion groups on a consistent basis.

“We've decided to have regular discussion group meetings where we discuss different aspects of our religion, and relate it to our lives,” she said.

Bi-weekly events for the entire MSO accompany the weekly events for the brothers and sisters. Khan said fasting is another activity MSO is putting an increased emphasis on this semester.

“There's kind of this perception that Muslims only fast during Ramadan, but we're encouraged to fast during other times of the year too, so that's something we're starting to do,” he said.

Khan said group fasts will be held every four to six weeks, followed by a potluck-style break-fast afterward.

MSO also plans to hold a large conference either the week before or after spring break, Khan said. Nothing definite has been decided yet.

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