MU eases transition for transfer students

The Mizzou Connection Program offers early advising.
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Moberly Area Community College and MU are developing a transfer plan to help students make the move from a two-year institution to a four-year university.

According to an MU News Bureau release, the transfer plan, called the Mizzou Connection Program, is meant to strengthen the relationship between MACC and MU and make the transition easier for transfer students coming to MU. The news release stated out of MU's almost 31,000 students, 1,400 are transfer students from community colleges.

"There are many paths to an MU education," Provost Brian Foster said in the news release. "One may of course begin at MU, but one may begin elsewhere and transfer to MU to complete a degree and, for that matter, go on to graduate and professional degrees. It is critical that we serve the needs of Missourians with such transfer options, and it's important that transfer students receive the highest level of advising and other kinds of support."

As part of the Mizzou Connection Program, MU will provide MACC with resources, including information about campus activities and early MU academic advising, to make a future transfer student's transition easier.

Upon being accepted into the Mizzou Connection Program, MACC students will be assigned an MU academic advisor who will work with the student to provide a transfer plan. The news release stated the plan will include recommendations for coursework at MACC that will fit best with MU requirements for the student's desired major. Participants in the program will also have opportunities for early registration and orientation on the MU campus.

Although MACC consists of six campuses throughout Missouri — in Moberly, Kirksville, Hannibal, Edina, Columbia and Mexico — only the Moberly, Columbia and Mexico locations will be participating in the program initially. According to the news release, MU will assign a contact person for each of the three locations participating.

"We are very pleased to have established this agreement with Moberly Area Community College," Enrollment Management Vice Provost Ann Korschgen said. "It will help ensure that students who transfer from there to MU are provided timely assistance that will help them excel at MU."

According to the news release, students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and hold an associate degree, or maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and earn at least 24 credits to be eligible for the Mizzou Connection Program.

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