MU Health Care in full compliance after complaints

The reports stemmed from surveys conducted earlier in the year.
Earlier this year, MU health care was found not to be compliant with some Medicaid and Medicare regulations. This problem was resolved over the weekend. Maneater File Photo

The MU Health Care System was found to be in compliance with Medicare following a report earlier this year listing multiple violations.

In order to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid program, hospitals must meet the requirements that were created by an act of Congress in 1965. According to the MU Health Care website, the Missouri State Department of Health & Senior Services has the authority to survey MU Health Care on behalf of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Due to complaints reported to CMS, an unannounced survey from Nov. 1 through Nov. 5 was made. The CMS issued a report Dec. 6, 2010, citing two Medicare Conditions of Participations that they believed did not comply with CMS requirements.

CMS representatives completed a follow-up survey Jan. 18 through Jan. 25, in which MU Health Care was found in compliance with all but one condition of participation. According to the Jan. 25 report, these violations regarded patients' rights and licensures of personnel.

Representatives conducted another follow-up survey March 28 through March 30, which found MU Health Care in full compliance with all Medicare requirements for hospitals in Missouri.

"We have determined that the hospital may again be deemed to meet federal hospital regulations through its accreditation by the Joint Commission," stated a letter from CMS to MU Health Care Administrator Jim Ross.

In an email, MU Health Care spokeswoman Mary Jenkins said the hospital was found to be in full compliance.

"We're pleased to report that the team representing the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services found University of Missouri Health Care to be in full compliance with all CMS requirements," Jenkins said in the email. "While on site, the surveyors also investigated three complaints, all of which were found to be unsubstantiated."

Jenkins said MU Health Care invests nearly $4.6 million annually to support quality initiatives.

"Our commitment to improving health care quality and patient safety is demonstrated by our quality and outcomes data, as well as the numerous quality awards and recognition we receive every year," Jenkins said.

The reports are available to the public on the MU Health Care website.

"Because we are committed to transparency on this complex topic, we invite the public to visit our website to view the CMS reports and our responses in their entirety," Jenkins said.

According to the MU Health Care website, the hospital was accredited throughout the survey process.

"It is important to note when reading the following reports that at no time was University of Missouri Health Care's accreditation, participation in the Medicare program or reimbursement from the Medicare program adversely affected," the website stated.

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