MU iPhone app to debut in August

GoMizzou’s release has been delayed due to ownership issues.
Courtesy of Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce

The MU iPhone application, GoMizzou, is scheduled to debut Aug. 23, the first day of the fall semester, said Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce.

Version 1.0 of GoMizzou includes news feeds from MU, The Maneater and The Columbia Missourian, access to the MU Directory, a campus map and a calendar of events.

GoMizzou is set to release only for the iPhone and the iPod touch, but there are still plans to expand the app to other phones, said Kevin Bailey, Division of Information Technology director of customer service and support services.

"The goal is to get the app on other phones, but our first priority is to put the app on the iPhone and the iPod touch," Noce said.

The app was first approved by MSA in September 2009, but progress has been delayed since that point. Noce said the delay was due in part to a lack of available funds to create the app but even more so because of issues regarding ownership of the app.

"There was some dispute about the intellectual property of the application," he said. "If we hired a third party to help create the app, we would have to pay more money to make the app, but we did not hire a third party and kept the design with the Division of Information Technology here at Mizzou."

One element missing from Version 1.0 of the app is access to myZou. Noce said it would not be included in the first version, but he expects it to be added in future updates.

Bailey said the reason myZou was not included in the debut release was due to connection and security issues.

"The development of myZou for the app is more complicated than the other features that are in version 1.0," Bailey said. "If we decided to put myZou in the app now, it would take much longer to add it in and we would have to put another delay on the app release date."

Students expressed mixed opinions about the app. Junior Rosie Galicia said people will buy the app because of its convenience but she does not feel it is necessary to have it.

"I was able to catch up with news and events by just picking up a paper, going through the Mizzou planner given to students and referencing directory books," she said.

Incoming freshman Eric Bonin, one of the many students who will start their college experience with the help of the app, said he thinks the app will be very valuable because the resources will be all in one place.

The app is free to download, and Noce expressed his excitement for its release.

"It is a great opportunity not just for MSA, but for all of Mizzou," he said. "With all of this information at their fingertips, I hope to get more students involved in other activities. The app will put us ahead of the curve because only a small amount of schools, namely Duke and Stanford, have apps for their schools."

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