MU Police releases report of racist incident involving LBC members

Officers responding on Tuesday night said they heard shouting coming from the Delta Upsilon house, but they were unable to determine whether racial epithets were used by DU fraternity members.

An MU Police Department report of Tuesday’s racist incident involving two Legion of Black Collegians members released Wednesday shed light on other groups’ involvement, actions taken by LBC members, and additional details of the chronology of the night’s events.

The five-page report, obtained through an open-records request, contains statements from four of the responding officers about what they saw and heard Tuesday night. Names of those involved were redacted, making it unclear of who said what. Each police narrative offers a different account of what occurred, but basic details remain the same between reports.

The four officers who submitted statements also wrote that their body cameras were turned on during the incident. It is unclear how many people were present at the scene.

Officer Justin Ludwig stated in his report that some members of LBC were “convinced it was a hate crime,” but Ludwig wrote it was actually an incident of hate speech because there was not an actual crime caused by the racial bias. He said an LBC member he spoke with agreed.

“I did explain it would most likely be an administrative issue handled by the University of Missouri and its various offices,” Ludwig wrote in his statement.

Because there was no crime committed, no arrests will be made, MUPD Maj. Brian Weimer told The Maneater.

One of the LBC members who said they were called slurs told responding officer Jacob Clifford that she and her friends were walking by Francis Quadrangle after a LBC meeting. The members had been walking near the Geological Sciences Building when a group of students, who appeared to be drunk, walked past them and were knocking trash cans down in front of the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

In LBC’s statement about the incident, an LBC member said that she had heard one of the members from the intoxicated group say, “Look how those n------ are looking at us.”

One of the LBC member’s friends who was with her during the incident also told Clifford she heard someone else in the intoxicated group whisper the same racial slur. The group walked away, and the LBC group followed them until they reached the Delta Upsilon house. It was then that the LBC group flagged down Clifford, and other officers responded to assist Clifford.

While the officers spoke to the two groups, people inside the Delta Upsilon house began shouting out of the windows, according to Clifford’s statement. During the LBC members’ encounter with the police, members of DU began to record the interaction, according to the LBC statement. LBC’s statement also said that DU members said obscenities such as “c---” and “b----.” The police statements made no mention of this but did acknowledge that members were shouting, though none of the statements said the officers heard obscenities.

“I was not able to discern what was being said by those in the house, but members of the Legion of Black Collegians reported that the people in the house were taunting them, laughing, and pointing, told them to ‘f--- off,’ and ‘go home,’ and at one point, placed a speaker facing out of a window and played loud rap music,” Clifford wrote in his statement.

Clifford wrote in his statement that he could not “discern what was being said by those in the house.”

“It should be noted, at no time while I was on scene did I hear disparaging remarks originating from the DU house or members,” Sgt. Rodney Stewart wrote in his statement.

Clifford wrote in his statement that several members of LBC said they believed the rap music was played to mock them.

Ludwig spoke with the DU member who played the music. The member told Ludwig that he and other members heard what they thought was a fight. The DU member heard people yelling and pointed the speaker toward the yelling. The member then said a group of people started yelling at him, with one female student yelling, “Get down here so I can beat your cracker ass.” The member told Ludwig that he had not heard anyone from the DU house making disparaging remarks toward the LBC group.

Ludwig reported that one member from the LBC group had requested to talk to a DU member, whose title and name was not released. During this conversation between the two groups, Ludwig said they were both speaking on “a respectable level.”

“I do not believe all was accomplished which was desired but it was peaceful,” Ludwig wrote in his statement.

LBC members reported that onlookers walking by also used the N-word, according to Ludwig’s report. Those students were identified as members of Alpha Phi sorority and FarmHouse fraternity. The students were reported to be “very intoxicated.”

One of the members of the intoxicated group told Officer Adam Sharp that she had heard people from DU shouting obscenities toward the LBC members. The woman said she didn’t want to tell Sharp the DU members’ names because she did not want to get them in trouble.

Stewart then reported that while Clifford was speaking to complainants, approximately six people from an unidentified group who were standing on the sidewalk approached the DU house and shouted, “Uncle Tom” and “sellout” toward an unidentified person.

“From the crowd on the sidewalk, I also heard, “‘f---ing crackers’ and ‘f---ing rednecks’ being shouted toward [redacted],” Stewart wrote in the statement. “I also heard comments referencing police not talking to the black population, only shooting them.”

After observing this, Stewart wrote that he asked the DU members to return to the inside of the house, close the house’s windows and “refrain from peering out of the windows.” Stewart said the members were “very agreeable” and “complied.”

“A short time after the DU members removed themselves from the incident, the crowd from the sidewalk dispersed,” Stewart wrote in the statement.

MU News Bureau referred to their original statement in an email to The Maneater. They said they had no additional information to release about the incident.

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