MU staff completes ‘ice bucket challenge’

Vice Chancellor Cathy Scroggs and others completed the challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over the Internet in recent weeks, and MU administrators and staff are getting in on the action.

Vice Chancellor Cathy Scroggs, Assistant Vice Chancellor Jeff Zeilenga and Director of Student Life Mark Lucas participated in the challenge Tuesday.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects the brain and spine. Barbara Newhouse, president and CEO of the ALS Association, has said the challenge is helping spread word of the illness and that more people are now learning about the realities of the disease.

Zeilenga, Lucas and Scroggs were nominated by Frankie Minor, director of Residential Life. Students and faculty gathered in the Student Center to watch the drenching. Camera crews lined up to record the festivities.

It was a morning of laughs as Scroggs made light of the challenge.

“I’ve accepted the challenge that Frankie threw in front of me, and I am so grateful he did that,” Scroggs said. “It will only be reflected in his next salary letter.”

Scroggs nominated Director of Disability Services Barbara Hammer, Counseling Center director David Wallace, MUPD Major Doug Schwandt and Scroggs’ own two daughters, Sarah and Julie.

“This is an important cause and I’m delighted that I have an opportunity to do this,” Scroggs said.

Lucas nominated two staff members, Associate Director of Student Life Janna Basler and Assistant Director of Student Life Donell Young.

Zeilenga was nominated before Frankie Minor by former MSA president Nick Droege, along with five other former MSA presidents.

“To avoid the Ice Bucket challenge, I accepted Nick’s challenge and made my donation to ALS,” Zeilenga said. “But thanks to Frankie Minor, I now stand in a kiddie pool in the Student Center with my colleagues Dr. Scroggs and Lucas.”

Zeilenga challenged Director of Retail Operations Sherry Pollard, Director of Rec Services Diane Dahlmann, Director of Campus Dining Services Julaine Kiehn and Mike Porter, professor emeritus of communications.

The challenge has raised over $88.5 million — about $9 million a day — in donations to the ALS Association.

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