The Briefing: MU student and professor file for City Council

The upcoming Columbia City Council race will include two members of the MU community.

Senior Andrew Hutchinson is running against incumbent Clyde Ruffin and Pat Kelley for the First Ward council seat, and professor Arthur Jago is running against Matt Pitzer for the Fifth Ward seat. The current Fifth Ward councilwoman, Laura Nauser, is not running for re-election due to health concerns. Nauser announced she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Oct. 27.

Hutchinson is a history major at MU. He said in an interview with The Maneater that the main focus of his campaign is to fix infrastructure problems in the First Ward. He grew up in Columbia.

Jago is a business management professor and has lived in the Fifth Ward for 22 years. He told the Columbia Missourian that he thought police and fire departments were understaffed, but he would not elaborate on other policy stances before the start of his campaign.

The election will take place April 4. The last day to register to vote is March 8.

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