MU students address off-campus concerns

Off-campus students met again to try to organize themselves into a student government.

At the meeting Wednesday, the Off-Campus Council participants discussed dialing into the campus modem, parking problems and their quest to be recognized as a formal government.

"The big thing we're working on is to compile a list of apartment complexes we'd recommend to students wanting to move off campus," said junior Mike Zweifel.

Zweifel said OCC also plans to seek formal recognition so it can better serve the needs of off-campus students.

Some of the parking issues the council hopes to address include making improvements in the shuttle services and convincing MU police to reduce the number of tickets they issue, Zweifel said.

"From Hearnes and Trowbridge, they have shuttle buses," he said. "The infrequency, especially at night, causes people to be waiting 45 minutes or more for the shuttle."

Sophomore shuttle-bus user Steve Mazzucchi said the service is a problem for students.

"The fact that the buses don't leave at any set time is a problem," he said. "You don't know when to be there. We're just trying to figure out who we need to talk to to get a set schedule."

Mazzucchi said the second meeting of the group served as a brainstorming session to identify important issues for off-campus students, who often go unrecognized in campus politics.

"Our main issues are parking and working on getting students with computers on campus, getting them connected," he said. "Sometimes it takes an hour."

Other concerns wree highlighted at the meeting.

Off-campus sophomore Tasha Cain said parking is a problem on campus.

Cain said MU police need to be considerate of the needs of off-campus students.

"I think, if [the university] is not going to provide adequate parking, then they need to reduce the number of tickets they give out," Cain said.

Cain also affirmed the need for an off-campus student government or organization.

An off-campus government needs to be established to cater to the unique needs of off-campus students, she said.

"I think parking is a good example," Cain said.

"I don't think off-campus students are considered in the politics on campus," she added.

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