MU students take trip to Shryocks Callaway Farms

U.S. and international students come together to experience fall traditions.

Approximately 130 MU students took a trip to Shryocks Callaway Farms for fall festivities from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday.

The trip cost $5 with a student ID, and included transportation to and from the farm, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hot apple cider, a bonfire with s'mores and a journey through a corn maze.

The trip was hosted by the International Programming and Special Events committees within the Department of Student Activities in the Missouri Students Association.

“I think the event is cool,” said Maiya Putman, senior and DSA director. “It shows the international students the fall traditions we have here, but it’s for all students who want to come out to the corn maze at a reduced price.”

One end of the intricate corn maze was in the shape of the Kansas City Royals logo and the other end of the maze was in the shape of the St. Louis Cardinals logo. Between the two logos was an outline of the state of Missouri with “I-70 Series” written across its center.

“You could tell they put a lot of time and effort into the design,” freshman Gretchen Shackelford said.

This event gave international students a chance to learn about and experience autumn traditions for the first time.

“I’ve never been through a corn maze before,” junior Yixin Zhang said. “They also don’t have s’mores in China, and it’s my first time having marshmallows. They are so sticky. They are all over my fingers.”

Students came together around a bonfire, chatted and even sang a couple campfire songs.

“I have had some really great conversations with students that came,” sophomore Lindsey Jenkins said. “It’s cool to explain the traditions to the international students, and it’s cool to see them experience the traditions as well.”

The Department of Student Activities is working on making the trip to Shryocks Callaway Farms an annual MU tradition.

“It’s freeing to get off campus for an event because I don’t have to think of all the projects I have to do or the tests that are coming up,” sophomore Madeline Shaw said. “I live on campus, and I am surrounded by reminders of all the things that I have due, so getting off campus is nice.”

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