MU? There's an app for that

It could feature links to KCOU, MUTV, sports scores and the directory.
Katie Prince / Graphic Designer

An MU iPhone application could become available for download as early as fall semester 2009.

Missouri Students Association Senator Tim Noce presented the idea for what he calls iMizzou to the organization earlier this month. Noce, a junior, began working on the iPhone application with MU programmer Petar Datsov shortly after he came up with the idea.

"I'm taking over as MSA's director for the Department of Student Communication in the summer and I was trying to think of the ways students communicate in this day and age," Noce said. "When I really thought about it I realized that students use their phone more than any other piece of technology they might own."

Noce said possible features on the application include a campus map, which could pinpoint your location, scores and rosters for MU sports teams and a directory of students and faculty. Noce is also working with MUTV/Channel 23 and KCOU to discuss other possible features, such as a live feed for KCOU and a link to MUTV shows.

"We haven't had any really in-depth conversations about the iPhone application, but I think it's a great idea and we're more than happy to participate in it," MUTV general manager Sarah Schultz said. "I think it would be another good way to access our shows and give us another medium to reach students."

When the application is completed, MU will join several other colleges, including Duke University and Stanford University, that have their own iPhone applications.

"We're taking ideas for the iPhone applications from Duke and Stanford and we're building on others," Noce said. "They've helped us decide what features we want MU's application to have."

Datsov said he's using the iPhone applications from these schools as models for iMizzou.

"For now, I'm looking at Stanford and Duke's applications," Datsov said in an e-mail. "I intend to add some features and make iMizzou, a working title, more appealing to students."

Datsov said he's confident he will have a test version of iMizzou ready sometime during the summer.

"I really don't have a firm deadline, but this summer I expect to publish at least some of the modules combined in one application, iMizzou Build 1.0," Datsov said. "It is a work in progress and it will probably take until just before the start of the fall semester to have a complete product."

Noce said they haven't decided if iMizzou will be a free application, but that it's the most likely option.

"Right now, we're looking into the free version," Noce said. "I'd rather people not have to pay to use the application."

Noce said the majority of work for the application is yet to be completed and everything is just an idea at this stage, but he's confident iMizzou will become a reality.

"Apple makes it really easy to get on the boat as far as creating an application goes," Noce said. "This is a big job and we're still in the early stages of creating this application, so I'm just trying to get the ball rolling."

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