MU vice chancellor to step down

Charles Schroeder announced today he will resign from his position as MU vice chancellor for Student Affairs, effective Jan. 1. He is expected to stay on at MU as a staff member at the College of Education, and Chancellor Richard Wallace plans to soon appoint an interim vice chancellor to take Schroeder's place, according to the MU News Bureau.

"Charles Schroeder has been a visionary in Student Affairs," Chancellor Richard Wallace said in a statement. "His work on the student experience at MU will continue to make a positive impact for years to come."

The motivation for Schroeder's resignation has not been announced by the chancellor's office or by Schroeder himself. The vice chancellor for Student Affairs oversees MU departments such as Student Life, Residential Life, Greek Life and Campus Dining Services. Schroeder's accomplishments at MU include securing funds and helping to plan the Student Success Center, an under-construction advising center on Lowry Mall scheduled to open in July 2001. He also worked to implement the socially dry housing policy for MU's Greek fraternities, which went into effect at the beginning of this academic year.

In an interview with The Maneater earlier this year, Schroeder spoke of his relationship with this year's record-size freshman class.

"I really care about them as people," he said. "I care about them as students, and I'm committed to their success. Anything in this community that unduly or unfairly hinders their success is a target opportunity for me."

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