Update: MUPD investigating harassment of LBC members

Two students were called the N-word and other obscenities outside of Delta Upsilon, which has been placed on emergency suspension.
Sarah Hallem

This article has been updated with additional information regarding Delta Upsilon's emergency suspension.

Two members of the Legion of Black Collegians Activities Committee were called the N-word late last night, according to a letter posted by LBC on Twitter this morning.

At approximately 11:50 p.m. Tuesday night, a group of six to seven white students passed the LBC members and shouted, “Look at those n------ looking at us,” according to LBC’s statement. The MU Police Department was notified and called to the scene outside of the Delta Upsilon fraternity house.

Fraternity members shouted obscenities and recorded the interaction between LBC members and the police, according to the LBC statement. Additionally, LBC members expressed disagreement with the police’s conduct in deescalating the situation.

According to the statement, one suspect has been identified and will be called in for questioning about last night’s events.

LBC referenced similar incidents that occurred during last fall, writing: “... history often repeats itself, but the ignorance that occurs on University of Missouri’s campus always seems to be too familiar.”

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity has placed the MU chapter on emergency suspension as they “work closely with the university to learn more about the incident,” according to a news release.

“Racism and sexism have no place in our Fraternity and we expect our members to be positive contributors to inclusive campus environments,” Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Executive Director Justin Kirk stated in the release.

According to a statement from the MU News Bureau, the university has placed the fraternity on temporary suspension due to both Tuesday’s incident and previous violations, including alcohol violations. Due to the UM Collected Rules and Regulations, the fraternity will not be able to participate in Homecoming activities while suspended.

Last fall, multiple incidents of students being called racial slurs occurred, fueling a semester of protests from student activist group Concerned Student 1950. Former Missouri Students Association President Payton Head spoke out in a Facebook post that went viral, as did LBC Homecoming Royalty Court and other students who also experienced similar acts of racism.

“To say that we are disgusted is beyond an understatement,” LBC said in the statement. “Quite frankly, WE. ARE. SICK. OF. THIS!”

A town hall will be held at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center at 5 p.m. to answer students’ questions and provide updates on the situation. The Counseling Center will be present, and a prayer session will be held after the town hall.

The Office of Student Conduct and the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX have been notified of the incident, according to a statement from MU on Wednesday. Kevin McDonald, interim vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity, is meeting with students affected by the incident, according to the statement.

In the statement, interim Chancellor Hank Foley said he was “outraged and sad” to hear of the incident.

“We have zero tolerance for actions like this; if any student is found in violation of the Student Code and/or the university’s nondiscrimination policies, they will be subject to discipline, up to and including suspension and/or expulsion,” Foley said in the statement. “As we have stated, this is a new day on campus and we take our core values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence seriously.”

The incident sparked an outpouring of responses on Twitter.

MU said in the statement that they encourage anyone with information to contact either the Office of Student Conduct at 573-882-5543 or the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX at 573-882-3880. _Edited by Nancy Coleman | ncoleman@themaneater.com_

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