MyEdu seeks to simplify scheduling

A 30-day free trial allows users to experiment with features.

The creators of MyEdu, an online database of school-related statistics, have completely revamped their website, which is now available to MU students for free.

In 2000 Chris Chilek and John Cunningham founded a website called Pick-a-Prof, which enabled students to access professors' grade records and compare the different letter grades the professors had given out in the past.

Co-founder Chilek changed the website's name when he expanded its capabilities two years ago.

"As our services grew beyond picking professors we needed a new name that would be broad enough to represent the new services," Chilek said in a MyEdu news release. "Since they help students personalize and manage their own education, MyEdu seemed like the perfect fit."

Chilek said it's called MyEdu because the program is all about a student's own education. He said he's glad to offer many of the website's features for free.

"At a certain point it was not financially possible to give away access to all of the information and maintain the company, but it has always been our goal to get back to free," Chilek said. "I'm glad we are now able to get back to our roots, so to speak, and once again give students free access to official professor grade records by 'Liking' them on Facebook."

Although the website's basic services are free, more advanced aspects of MyEdu are not.

"Students can set up their schedules, look up professors and look up different workloads for different classes for free," Chilek said. "And for only $20 a year they can plan and analyze their entire college degree."

Chilek said he hopes this feature will ensure that students can complete their degrees more quickly.

"We found that students using MyEdu are two times more likely to graduate in six years or less," Chilek said.

He said cutting off a semester or a year of classes because of good planning can save a lot of money.

With information from nearly 1,000 colleges from across the country, MyEdu has the largest warehouse of university information in the United States, Chilek said.

"It has everything you need to know in one place," Chilek said. "Our goal is to help as many students as possible get into college, be successful in college and graduate on time."

Junior Kaitria Sievers has been a campus representative of MyEdu since March 2009 and said since then she has benefited greatly from using the website.

"We just launched our new and improved website, which features a 30-day trial of its full features," Sievers said.

She explained that 30 days provides enough time for a user to benefit greatly from MyEdu.

"It would give you a huge jump-start on all your classes," Sievers said.

One of MyEdu's most popular apps is its recently updated Schedule Planner, which can be merged with Facebook.

"The Facebook features allow you to see what classes your friends are taking," Sievers said. "It's social networking with an education twist."

Sievers said she is passionate about MyEdu's future and hopes other students can benefit from it as much as she did. "(MyEdu) has been a huge help to me in planning all my classes," she said. "I only see this website prospering in the next few years. This website is going to skyrocket."

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