New MSA presidential candidates enter the race

Platforms include concern for safety, STRIPES and honesty.

Two Missouri Students Association presidential candidates announced their running mates and campaign intentions Thursday night. 

Jordan Paul introduced his new running mate, Colleen Hoffman, and announced the details of his campaign's platform at the Missouri International Student Council's monthly meeting Thursday.

Phyllis Williams announced her running mate, Jonathan Snipes, after the MISC meeting. Presidential candidate Joe Fessehaye and running mate Lindsey Abell announced their plans to run last week.

Paul's selection of Hoffman was announced after the two had a meeting Wednesday.

"She's been on my list for a few weeks," said Paul, a senior studying history and political science. "We just hadn't had the chance to interview her. She fits in with our work ethic and she's very passionate about the platform."

Hoffmann is a junior majoring in finance and though her experience in MSA is limited, she said she could be used to the campaign's advantage.

"Jordan and his team have done a great job catching me up, but I'm a fast learner, and it's always good to have a fresh view on things," Hoffmann said.

Paul said he was also drawn to Hoffmann's Greek leadership experience. Hoffmann is a member of Kappa Delta sorority.

"There was formerly no one on my campaign staff who was Greek," Paul said, noting that Greek students constitute a large part of campus. "She has kind of an outside perspective and really she can bring a business perspective as well since she's a finance major."

Snipes is a senior finance major from Kansas City, Mo., and serves as vice president of the Black Business Students Association, president of Tap Day honor society Mystical Seven and a Trulaske College of Business ambassador.

While Paul has picked some main issues he would focus on as president, Williams and Snipes decided against putting potential programs in their platform. Williams said she feels pitching programs to the student body as part of the campaign restrains what presidents do once elected. Rather, she said, the president should focus on being an advocate for the students.

"The president is head liaison from students to administration," Williams said.

MSA seems very standardized and the pair would like to give it a fresh breath of air, Snipes said.

The slate hopes that the people will respect the position they will take, to be completely honest with the people without pandering, Williams said.

One of the main points of Paul's campaign platform is campus safety. He said as MSA president he would increase the number of security cameras in parking garages and expand the STRIPES program.

Another focus of the campaign is sustainability.

"We would bring in a sustainability coordinator to help our campus on that issue," Hoffmann said during the MISC meeting.

Paul also said transferring the campus Web mail system to Gmail would be a goal for his administration.

Paul and Hoffmann also stressed their focus on feasible, realistic goals.

"When we sat down to make this platform we wanted our goals to be possible to do in a year and to be cost efficient," Paul said. "Whatever students bring to us we're willing to consider if they are feasible goals."

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