New ticketing system at football games aims to reduce wait

Changes were enacted to speed up entrance into Memorial Stadium at MU’s first home football game.
Freshman Molly Carlino scans her ticket before entering Missouri's game against McNeese State University on Saturday at Memorial Stadium. The scanners made it easier and more convenient to get into the game.

A new ticketing system was enacted for the first home game of the 2010 Missouri football season Saturday.

Associate Athletics Director Whit Babcock said the Athletics Department draws feedback from students through speaking with student government, like the Missouri Students Association.

“Each year we meet with MSA leadership to see what we can do better, what students liked and what they didn’t like,” Babcock said.

In an effort to decrease wait time entering the stadium, new ticket scanners were put into place and the student sections were relocated. Babcock said the scanners were a good change, but they are still working on the system a little bit.

“In general, on the way in the gate, we felt like they were very efficient,” Babcock said. “From the student section we eliminated the wristband and the showing of the student IDs and we felt like it streamlined things.”

Babcock said an area that needs work is re-entrance into the stadium. Students can come and go at their leisure but those handling the scanners had difficulty keeping up.

“We want to scan the tickets again to allow the students back in because once the barcode is initially scanned it is not valid,” Babcock said. “If people want to leave and tailgate at halftime and they want to come back in the third quarter, we have to rescan the ticket on their way out of the stadium to revalidate it. We had trouble with that, because there were so many people going out that we did not get the chance to rescan the all of the tickets of the students going out.”

Babcock said they will continue to improve the system, but it really boils down to getting the tickets scanned out so they can come back in.

“We always want to analyze and improve our system efficiencies,” Babcock said. “We had to be a little flexible allowing students back in after halftime as a result.”

Junior Chelsie Temmen said the scanners weren’t much of a time reliever compared to last year’s system.

“I don’t think the scanning went faster,” Temmen said. “Usually they just checked the tickets and gave you a wristband. It seemed like there was a delay of three or four seconds before it would actually scan the barcode and ring it through.”

Sophomore Shakera Scott said she liked the scanning system. She just didn’t expect the change.

“I liked the wristbands last year because I got to keep them as a keepsake from each game and as a freshman that was important,” Scott said. “I guess it is kind of easier though because you don’t have to waste time to put the wristband on and stuff. They just scan your ticket.”

Students are not required to show their student IDs anymore, but it is still suggested, according to Babcock.

“We are encouraging students to have their ID and tickets visible so we can get them into the stadium as fast as possible,” Babcock said.

Student organizations, such as Tiger’s Lair and the general student section have new seating arrangements this season after students complained their organizations seating was not together. Babcock said they are suggesting members of student organizations enter through specified gates for the students’ convenience.

“We are encouraging students to come in through gates 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the east side,” Babcock said. “Tiger’s Lair should come through gate 4E, so students can just walk through to their section straight ahead. Student groups should come through gate 3E and general students through gates 5E and 6E.”

Temmen said with the way the sections are now set up, she could save her money and still get close to the action.

“I was on the 50-yard line first row, so I had just as good of seats as Tiger’s Lair,” Temmen said.

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