News conference unveils details of new tailgating space

MUPD will patrol the lot.

In a news conference Tuesday, Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce announced details regarding “The Jungle,” the new designated parking lot for student tailgating. Noce first announced the dedication of the new tailgating spot near the end of July, but details on the space have been scarce.

“I believe we have found an area that can be safe and fun for students at the same time, while also putting our mark on what I think we do very well here at the university—and that’s have really good school spirit for our athletic teams,” Noce said.

“The Jungle” is located in Lot CG-17, the parking lot between Cornell Hall and Stankowski Field.

Previous student tailgating areas such as Reactor Field and Frat Pit earned a reputation for underage drinking and fighting, but Noce said new regulations in place at “The Jungle” will attempt to prevent these things from occurring.

“Our policy is no kegs, no glass, no hard alcohol,” said Ben Hansen, MSA Department of Student Activities director. “We also have a bring-your-own policy. There’s no sharing alcohol between individuals or organizations, no community coolers and no excessive drinking.”

Additionally, no cars will be allowed in the parking lot. Students will be asked to park in either the Turner Parking Garage or the Virginia Avenue Garage.

“I guess you could call it a pedestrian-only tailgate,” Noce said. “The biggest advantage to a pedestrian-only tailgate is that—specifically dealing with alcohol—you don’t have people coming in with truckloads of alcohol.”

A designated drop-off zone will be available for participants to drop off grills, food and other tailgating materials. Noce said he hopes that without vehicles, students will be limited to only the alcohol they can carry with them.

The MU Police Department will be at the lot in order to enforce the rules, and students who wish to drink must be prepared to show their IDs.

“At the end of the day, the majority of students just want a place to tailgate with their friends,” Noce said.

Parts of Stankowski Field as well as volleyball courts will be reserved for tailgaters. Students will be able to check out equipment such as volleyballs and footballs for use on the fields, but alcohol is only permitted within the parking lot perimeter.

There are 54 spaces available in the parking lot that can be reserved by student organizations. Students do not have to belong to an organization in order to participate at the tailgate.

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