Newsy partners with Mashable

Newsy will expand its audience base by producing videos for Mashable's 25 million unique monthly viewers. is partnering with Mashable and will begin producing high-quality video content for the site. Newsy is the only video news service that compares news sources from around the world to see how a story unfolds.

Newsy, the Columbia-based video news aggregator, announced last week that it will partner with the popular media company Mashable to expand its daily video production.

The Mashable editorial team will help Newsy identify "the next big story" and work with the video service to produce videos on current news, Internet culture, social media and product reviews.

"Newsy delivers the kind of content our readers love: timely, informative and entertaining," Mashable Chief Technology Officer Robyn Peterson said in a news release.

Founded in 2008 by MU graduate Jim Spencer in partnership with the Missouri School of Journalism, Newsy has grown though its own video productions and partnerships with national media outlets such as the political news outlet National Journal and The Huffington Post to produce hundreds of bite-sized videos each month.

"We're thrilled to be working with Mashable, a premier content partner dedicated to reporting on the importance of digital innovation," Spencer said.

Newsy employs 35 full-time staff, about 90 percent of which are MU graduates, and a growing number of part-time employees, interns and students enrolled in corresponding journalism classes or independent study programs within the School of Journalism.

"I think the partnership with the (School of Journalism) has been essential," said Alexandra Wharton, vice president of marketing and community. "It's a great place for finding top potential."

Newsy draws from all tracks of the journalism school, offering an editorial class for news producers, editors and on-air talent and a business-side course for marketing, audience development and analytics monitoring.

"(Students) are learning a lot of cutting edge skills," Wharton said.

Newsy also actively monitors social media to determine trends and stay ahead of developing stories. Wharton said this is one of Newsy's biggest assets because it has allowed the organization to produce needed videos before its partners even call to ask for them.

Newsy's distinction from other journalism school partnerships is that it is a for-profit business, Wharton said. The news service is concerned with growth and continues to pursue new partnerships each week.

Wharton promised many new partnerships to come down the line.

"I've heard so many success stories of former students," she said. "It has been a really fruitful partnership."

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