Noce named Intercampus Student Council president

The MSA president will deal with matters involving all UM system universities.
Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce announces the creation of The Jungle as a new tailgating location for students during the football season Aug. 24 on Tiger Plaza. Noce was elected the Intercampus Student Council president, a position he'll take on after leaving the MSA presidency in the spring semester. Maneater File Photo

Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce was named the next UM system Intercampus Student Council president Sunday. He will take on his ISC presidential duties starting in the spring semester.

“It was one of those ironic things,” Noce said. “I am definitely looking forward to it.”

Much like he did in his role as MSA president, Noce will still have influence over things that matter to the university, but he will now also be dealing with matters involving the other three UM system campuses.

“Most presidents are concerned with their own campus and they do it well,” said Joe Karl, Associated Students of the University of Missouri board chairman. “ISC presidents go beyond that.”

Noce became president through an election process at an ISC meeting Saturday.

“Essentially, they had an election for the chair and vice chair,” Noce said. “They had to be a member, and they’re elected out of everyone at the ISC.”

As ISC president, Noce plans to work on the same agenda he has been working on since becoming MSA president.

“I want to work more on student conduct, work with ASUM on lobbying and find someone to increase institutional knowledge,” Noce said.

Noce said he wants to look more at student diversity as far student conduct goes.

ASUM is responsible for lobbying in Jefferson City on behalf of everyone in the UM system.

One task Noce must complete as ISC president is pick a new student curator for next year. The student curator will come from UMKC, and there will be a thorough interview process for the position.

Noce said he will meet with the ISC in a face-to-face monthly meeting, and in between meetings he will hold conference calls to keep in contact with everyone.

Karl said Noce was up for the job as ISC president and expects him to do well in the position.

“It’ll be good to have someone with previous leadership experience,” Karl said. “He’ll be able to help the student curator with business and make students’ voices heard.”

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