Noce prepares to hand off MSA leadership to Woods

Eric Woods and Emily Moon will be sworn in as MSA president and vice president Jan. 29.
Missouri Students Association President-elect Eric Woods stands with running mate Emily Moon outside of Chamber Auditorium, where they talked to supporters Nov. 17 after the results of the MSA election were announced. Woods will be sworn in as MSA president Jan. 29. Maneater File Photo

Missouri Students Association President-elect Eric Woods is in the process of transitioning into his new position as he gradually takes the job's responsibilities from MSA President Tim Noce.

"The transition has been surprisingly smooth," Woods said. "Tim has done a good job acclimating me for the position."

Noce said Woods has a solid handle on his first duties as the leader of MU's student government.

"Eric's definitely been very responsible," Noce said. “He’s already started setting up meetings with people and started dealing with the standing committees.”

Woods said he has been setting up meetings with administrators, including Interim System President Steve Owens, Chief Diversity Officer Roger Worthington, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs and Provost Brian Foster.

"It was daunting at first when I started to set up meetings and meet people," Woods said. "It's been very busy but very exciting."

Starting next week, Woods said he would be representing MSA in whatever capacity he is needed. He will be meeting with auxiliary heads, Deans, Vice Chancellors, heads of Student Organizations and other student leaders.

“We are going to discuss the expansion of the STRIPES ‘house’ and how MSA can help fund it,” Woods said in an e-mail.

Noce said his role throughout the transitional period is giving Woods advice on how to be president.

“I’ve been asking for his opinion on different matters, and I’ve been giving him pointers whenever I could,” Noce said.

Woods said he is grateful Noce has been available to help him with the transition. Noce said the two will still be able to work together in the future on system-wide issues as Tim serves as the Intercampus Student Council President.

Woods said high up administration, specifically Owens, are very concerned about the needs and opinions of students and would like to keep them in mind during the search for a new system president.

Woods said he has already made a plan for his new Cabinet members.

“I asked them over the break to come up with goals for themselves and for their departments,” Woods said. “We’re going to narrow down what we want to accomplish this year.”

Woods said his new Cabinet members would be confirmed next week at the full Senate meeting.

The inauguration ceremony will take place on Jan. 29. Woods said some of those on the guest list include administrators, faculty and staff members and Chancellor Brady Deaton.

“The Chief Justice will swear us in, and the Cabinet, Emily and I will give speeches,” Woods said.

After the inauguration, Woods and Moon will officially be MSA president and vice president.

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