Nursing school’s Thom “T.J.” Bowling passes away at age 59

Sinclair School of Nursing: “We are filled with grief over this sudden loss.”
Courtesy of Sinclair School of Nursing

Thom Bowling, executive staff assistant in the Sinclair School of Nursing, passed away at the age of 59, according to an announcement Thursday from the nursing school. After suddenly collapsing, he was taken to the MUHC Emergency room, but was unable to be resuscitated.

Affectionately known as T.J., Bowling had been with the school for 13 years and was the face of Sinclair for many prospective students, according to the release.

Bowling interacted with students and parents interested in the nursing school, as well as answered questions and helped nursing students during summer orientation.

His passion for his job led him to be featured in the MU Health Care System’s Archive magazine in fall of 2013, where colleague Laura Anderson described him as having “awe-inspiring dedication,” and said that he referred to students who enrolled in the nursing school as “his kids.”

The Sinclair School of Nursing released a statement Thursday saying that Bowling “was so loved by all,” and released a tweet saying that they are “filled with grief over this sudden loss.”

Information about the memorial service and where to send condolences will be announced soon.

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