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Parents of student who died after balcony fall reach $5 million settlement

The owners of the property were aware of the faulty railing that freshman Jack Lipp fell over, but did not fix it.

The parents of Jack Lipp, an MU freshman who died in 2014 after falling off a two-story balcony, reached a $5 million settlement with Ginger C, LLC, the owners of the property where Lipp was injured.

On Dec. 13, 2014, Lipp leaned on a faulty railing and fell two stories at a Pi Kappa Phi rush party. He died Dec. 25 as a result of his injuries.

The original lawsuit also included the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity and American Campus Communities as defendants, but they were later dropped.

According to the lawsuit, Ginger C, LLC was aware of the defective balcony railing, which had been temporarily repaired by previous owners who chose not to permanently repair it because the property was scheduled to be demolished.

At the time, ACC planned to build a student apartment complex at the site of the incident, but the Columbia City Council had tabled redevelopment plans. The property was then leased to three MU students for the 2014-15 school year, and they hosted the party at which Lipp fell.

The mother of one of the tenants had complained to Ginger C, LLC about the unsafe balcony; ACC had also inspected the property and was aware of the defective railing.

An ACC apartment complex is now being built on the property.

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