Paul and Hoffman win MSA election

The slate eked out a win by 21 votes.
Missouri Students Association President-elect Jordan Paul stands with campaign manager Domingo Pacheco after Board of Elections Commissioners Chairman Justin Mohn announced the results of the election Wednesday at Jesse Hall. Paul and running mate Colleen Hoffman won 42 percent of the vote, defeating the slate of Phyllis Williams and Jonathan Snipes by 21 votes.

Jordan Paul and Colleen Hoffmann won the Missouri Students Association presidential election Wednesday night, defeating opponents Phyllis Williams and Jonathan Snipes by 21 votes of 4,881 ballots cast. Joe Fessehaye and Lindsey Abell garnered 17 percent of the vote.

Board of Elections Commissioners Chairman Justin Mohn announced the election results on the south steps of Jesse Hall at about 7 p.m.

“Disbelief would be a good way to describe my feelings now,” Paul said. “I’m still kind of soaking it in.”

Paul said he didn’t anticipate the election results to be as close as they were.

“I never would have thought it would come down to 21 votes,” Paul said. “I definitely thought we would have won or lost by a wider margin.”

Paul said he thought the campaign was a steady process, with few standout moments. But, he said, his campaign did make a push Wednesday morning to encourage students to vote.

“We followed up with all the potential voters we could with e-mails and text messages this morning,” Paul said.

Hoffmann, Paul’s running mate, was taking a test and unavailable for comment.

Williams said she was happy the election was over and said she plans to work on graduating, community service and continuing her work with the MSA Senate.

“I plan on holding up my obligations,” she said.

Regarding the razor-thin difference between Paul and Williams, Snipes, her running mate, said it was good to know the election was “in reach.”

Fessehaye said he plans to continue his work as assistant general manager and chief operator at KCOU/88.1 FM and said he has no regrets about how his campaign was run.

— Campbell Massie and Megan Stroup contributed to this report.

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