Paul prepares to take over as MSA president

He has been seeking advice from current President Jim Kelley.
Missouri Students Association President-elect Jordan Paul shakes supporters' hands after Board of Elections Commissioners Chairman Justin Mohn announced the results of the MSA election Nov. 19 at Jesse Hall. Paul and running-mate Colleen Hoffman won by just 22 votes.

Jordan Paul's win in the Missouri Students Association presidential election Nov. 19 may have ended his time on the campaign trail, but his transition has just begun.

Paul said he will name his cabinet and firmly establish his policies during his month of preparation before taking over as president in January.

"My biggest priority for this month I have for preparation will be getting my cabinet together," Paul said.

Paul will name directors of the Department of Student Services, the Department of Student Activities and Department of Student Communication. He will also select a chief of staff. Paul said he will accept resumes from interested candidates until 5 p.m. Friday.

"Although I have some people in mind for the major positions, as of now, I haven't really been in serious talks with anyone I'm considering," Paul said.

The MSA president-elect has been discussing ideas, such as trayless dining, with campus administration and student organization leaders since September, he said.

Both Paul and Vice President-elect Colleen Hoffmann said they're using this month of preparation to sufficiently familiarize themselves with some of the issues that have arisen since the beginning of the campaign.

Paul said he'd be communicating with outgoing MSA President Jim Kelley to bring him up to speed with things Kelley and Vice President Chelsea Johnson have worked on.

"Because of the campaign, I've been sort of out of the loop on some of the things Jim and Chelsea have been dealing with lately, so I'll need to catch up on a few things," Paul said.

Kelley said he and Paul speak on a regular basis and met for an hour-and-a-half Monday to discuss Paul's preparation.

"One of the biggest pieces of advice I have for Jordan is to be a tremendous listener as MSA president," Kelley said. "You have to learn how to listen to the people around you and take their advice."

Kelley also said it was important that Paul remember the goals of his campaign during his time in office.

"You've got to be thinking of the big things you want to get done in your term," Kelley said. "There's no substitute for hard work."

Hoffmann said she also plans on sitting down with her predecessor as part of her preparation for taking over her new role.

"I plan on sitting down with Chelsea, just getting any advice she has for me and seeing how she prepared for the job last year," Hoffmann said.

Hoffmann has also been catching up on several issues and studying MSA's budget to prepare for her role as head of MSA finances, she said.

Over the last few weeks, the Student Fee Review Committee and Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays have been meeting with departments that receive student fees to help determine recommendations for next year's fees.

"I've been keeping up on what Jonathan Mays has been sending me regarding MSA finance and I've been watching the Student Fee Review Committee, keeping up to date with them," Hoffmann said. 

New MSA leadership traditionally holds an inaugural dinner and is sworn in at a Senate meeting in January or February.



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