Paul stresses strong ideas in campaign

Jordan Paul says his platform is open to student views and concerns.

During his time in the Missouri Students Association, Jordan Paul has served as a senator, a standing committee member and chairman and an MSA executive cabinet member.

Now, Paul intends to add one more position to the list: MSA president.

"If elected, Colleen and I will serve not only as advocates for the student body, but also as the sponsors of an exceptional platform," Paul said of his running mate Colleen Hoffmann and himself. "We've met with student leaders and organizations on this campus, and we've made a commitment to their ideas."

Despite being criticized by opponent Phyllis Williams for what she calls "a lack of student advocacy," Paul argues that his ideas come directly from student groups such as the Residence Halls Association.

"In fact, if you examine the elements of our platform, you'll see ideas from a variety of student organizations, from the trayless dining discussion in RHA to the fight for the sustainability coordinator in Sustain Mizzou," Paul said.

Paul also said his platform, despite consisting of four solid points, is an organic one, growing and transforming to include new ideas as he meets with more students.

"Our students have wonderful ideas, and we want to facilitate as many as we can," Paul said. "Safety, sustainability and efficiency simply happen to be the starting points."

MU Police Department Chief Jack Watring has worked with Paul on campus safety issues in the past. Watring has nothing but good things to say concerning Paul's work ethic and ability to carry out his job.

"He's very good at what he does," Watring said. "I'd recommend him highly. I think he'd be a very good MSA president."

One issue Watring and Paul have collaborated on is the addition of emergency phones and blue lights.

"I know he wants to add these emergency phones, in Greektown especially," Watring said. "That's something we've talked about and something I support."

Paul has also worked extensively alongside MSA Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays.

Mays said he's worked with Paul as well as Williams since August 2007 and thinks both of them have great work ethic.

Mays said he doesn't endorse any candidate in the race for MSA president. However, he did say he, along with Paul and Williams, recently voted on and helped pass legislation that strongly encouraged administrators to hire a sustainability coordinator, which has been a part of Paul's platform since the beginning of his campaign.

Concerning Williams and running mate Jonathan Snipes' lack of a platform, Paul said his opponent has no excuse for not having a plan for what she would do in office.

"Phyllis Williams and Jonathan Snipes are both seniors who have been heavily involved throughout the course of their careers here at Mizzou," Paul said. "Yet, despite this, and in spite of the fact that they've been on the campaign trail for nearly two months, they don't want to tell us who or what they'll advocate for once in office. This is simply unacceptable."

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