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Last year, MSA encouraged MU to look into implementing virtual student IDs. We asked students for their thoughts on this.
MU students speak on the idea of virtual ID's.

Last year, MSA Senate passed Resolution 58-27. According to the resolution, its purpose is to “encourage the deployment of virtual IDs on campus and show that student support is behind the idea,” according to the bill text.

The resolution outlines various reasons supporting the implementation of virtual student IDs, including to reduce production costs, as well as costs for students since virtual IDs cannot be lost, to enable students to use their preferred names on cards without having to pay for new ones, and many others.

Whether or not the university will decide to execute this suggestion is not known yet. However, it is important to note that, if virtual IDs are implemented in the future, physical IDs will not be unavailable to students. Rather, they will be able to choose between the two options.

Here’s what MU students had to say about the possibility of virtual IDs.

Charlie Wight, a sophomore natural resources & human dimensions major

I don’t think it’s for the best, considering that phones aren’t the most reliable thing. I would recommend that they have both be an option, but for most university procedures I would like the physical copy much more, due to the fact that it’s been here so long and it’s the most reliable.

Chris Foeller, a senior computer science major

I wouldn’t be opposed to it. In the modern era, everybody has a phone on them at all times for the most part. Obviously, you would need to have a way to have a physical card still because the system would need to be in place for [a while longer], but I don’t see that as being too much of an issue.

Racquel Riebold, a freshman journalism major

I think if it was optional it would be okay, but what if your phone was dying and you had to rush back to your dorm room or something? I’m a fan of technology and I appreciate it, but there are some things that can remain on paper or on a card. It’s nice to have a physical [card] on you that you can hold and be responsible for.

Mae Bruce, a freshman journalism major

The world is becoming more virtual. All your classes are online, all your textbooks are online. I think it’s good for reducing waste, but I think there’s a lot of problems. We already have problems with online textbooks where they malfunction. I don’t think it makes sense to use virtual IDs because there would be too many technical problems.

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