PRESS RELEASE: Vote to keep The Maneater alive

The future of Mizzou Student Media is in the hands of the MU student body in the MSA general election.
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Feb. 25, 2020


Contact: Leah Glasser,

Vote to keep The Maneater alive

This evening, the Missouri Students Association voted in favor of adding a student fee referendum to the MSA election ballot in the hopes of finding stable funding for Mizzou Student Media. The fee, which will be a $2.50 charge applied to every student account, if instated, will fund all four entities that comprise Mizzou Student Media — The Maneater, MUTV, KCOU and Livestream Mizzou. In order for this fee to be instated, 60% of the student voting population is required to pass Referendum No. 59-15 in the general election. If passed in the general election, the fee will fulfill some of the financial needs required by Mizzou Student Media such as the salary of our coordinator, Becky Diehl, a part-time technical adviser, new equipment and opportunities for our student journalists such as traveling for MU sporting events, attending journalism conferences and the coverage of MU related stories outside of Columbia.

The Maneater provides real-world, professional journalism experiences to students of all majors and years at MU. Since The Maneater is completely independent of the Missouri School of Journalism, it has provided students and faculty with objective and critical information about MU for 65 years now. We are proud of the legacy we have built and hope to continue teaching, learning and inspiring students for the foreseeable future.

However, we are unsure of what the future will be for student media without the passing of this fee. That being said, us at The Maneater ask for your vote in the upcoming MSA election March 2-4. Your vote in favor of keeping student media alive ensures the education and opportunities for student journalists in these outlets for years to come.

Voting begins March 2 at 6 p.m. and ends March 4 at 6 p.m. Vote at:

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