Radiothon raises $225,375 for MU Children's Hospital

Zimmer Radio Group stations helped host the annual radiothon.
Radiothon volunteers hold the $225,375 check. The radiothon, which took place Thursday and Friday, benefitted the MU Chilrden's Hospital. Courtesy of MU Health Care

The MU Children’s Hospital raised $225,375 during its two-day radiothon Thursday and Friday.

During the two-day event, The Eagle/93.9 FM, KAT Country/94.3 FM, Clear 99 FM/99.3 FM and Y107/106.9 FM broadcasted live from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days in the hospital lobby while volunteers answered phones and accepted donations.

MU Health Care spokesman Matt Splett said the radiothon helps to raise money while sharing the stories of children who received care at MU Children’s Hospital.

“Radiothon is an event we host every year to share some of the miracle stories our patients have,” Splett said. “We have patients from Children's Hospital come to radiothon to share their lifesaving stories about the remarkable care they've received from our hospital.”

Among those sharing stories was Renee Luebbering, the mother of Cassidy-Rae Luebbering, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and quadriplegia when she was 6-months-old. Luebbering credits the Children’s Hospital for how well Cassidy-Rae, now 4, has done over the past few years

“The doctors and the nurses, they have done so much for us,” Luebbering said. “Our daughter would not be here without them today. They are a part of our family now.”

Luebbering described Cassidy-Rae as the "happiest little girl," with a sparkling smile and a sassy side. She said her daughter has continued to amaze doctors with her progress.

“If it was not for Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network, she would not be doing the amazing and beautiful things that the doctor never thought that she would,” Luebbering said.

The Children’s Hospital’s success in helping Cassidy-Rae motivated Luebbering to donate her time to the hospital.

“Because of everything that these doctors and nurses have done for us, I'm trying to give back,” Luebbering said.

Splett credits the success and operation of radiothon to the event’s volunteer force.

“We have a tremendous support group of volunteers that make radiothon happen at Children’s Hospital,” Splett said. “We have dozens of volunteers that come in every hour to answer phones and collect donations.”

Along with the stories the children and their parents share during radiothon, Splett said hospital doctors and staff also go on-air to talk about the hospital.

“Children's Hospital doctors, nurses and staff also do the interviews and share a little bit about their jobs and how they take care of sick and injured children,” Splett said.

Luebbering said the MU Children’s Hospital is the best imaginable place for Cassidy-Rae to be receiving treatment.

“This is the best place to bring your child if your child has any medical issues or disabilities,” she said. “We love this hospital so much that we wouldn't want to take her anywhere else.”

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