Rec Center receives national recognition

The Student Recreation Complex also received national recognition from Sports Illustrated in 2005. named the Student Recreation Complex as the fifth best gym on its "21 Most Innovative Gyms in U.S." list. It cites the "beach club" atmosphere as one reason for the ranking.

Every day, MU students turn to the Student Recreation Complex as their primary workout location on campus. Now, the recreation center is receiving some national attention as well.

According to the recreation center’s website, “You won’t find a better facility in the world than what we’ve got right here at Mizzou.” doesn’t completely agree with that statement, but they do come pretty close. is a website specializing in fitness, health and happiness. On Monday, the site ranked the recreation center at number five on a list entitled “The 21 Most Innovative Gyms in the U.S.”'s list features gyms that are, according to the website, “at the forefront of developments in exercise technology, methodology, and management” and calls attention to everything from electricity-generating treadmills in Portland, Ore., to a nightclub environment including valet parking for working out in Miami Beach, Fla.

“The MizzouRec philosophy? Maximum participation,” said in its description of MU's recreation center. “And who wouldn’t want to hit the beach club instead of the books? The swanky pool and lazy river (seriously) come complete with palm trees, a waterfall, and flat-screen TVs. Prefer to stay on dry land? Head to the Pump Room, Jungle Gym, or scale Scroggs Peak, a 35.5-foot rock climbing tower. We’d heart college, too.”

Above MU's recreation center in the top four slots were Athlete’s Performance in Phoenix, Ariz.; Reebox Cross Fit Back Bay in Boston, Mass.; The Green Microgym in Portland, Ore. and DeFranco’s in Wyckoff, N.J.

Directly below MU's recreation center at number six was the Nike World Headquarters, located in Beaverton, Ore.

“We’re certainly excited and honored to be in such company on the list,” Recreation Services and Facilities director Diane Dahlmann said. “We’re the only educational facility on the list.”

The website highlighted the recreation center’s maximum participation philosophy, as well as the state-of-the-art indoor pool and lazy river. Open more than 100 hours per week in a central location on campus, the recreation center is convenient for the busy schedules of students and local Columbia citizens alike.’s ranking is not the first national ranking MU's recreational center has received. Sports Illustrated previously recognized the recreational center in 2005 for being one of the best in the country.

Freshman Lauren Morris said she appreciates the quality and variety found at the recreational center.

“I like the track," Morris said. "It’s better than the treadmills. I like the ab mats, too, they’re a nice workout. Sometimes I’ll get on the elliptical to mix it up.”

Others, such as recent MU graduate Darius Ferguson, have their favorite areas.

“I like the basketball courts, just 'cause I like to play ball,” Ferguson said.

Dahmann said the recreation center is a great success because of its dedicated faculty and students.

“The students and faculty play a big part in this ranking,” Dahlmann said.

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