Registration for intramural sports up 7 percent

Volleyball has moved into position as one of the most popular intramural sports.
Josh Travis, a RecSports referee and Missouri Students Association presidential candidate, demonstrates proper defensive moves to junior Chris Powell on Aug. 25 at Stankowski Field. The training was held before the Student Recreation Complex's flag football season.

The Student Recreation Complex completed registration for the fall semester RecSports this week, ending with a 7 percent increase in registration from last year.

The Rec Center has registered 212 flag football teams, 83 indoor volleyball teams and 102 sand volleyball teams, for an overall increase of 28 teams from last fall. Registration for soccer and basketball is still open.

Based on registration numbers, soccer, basketball and flag football prove to consistently be the most popular sports. But this year, volleyball is gaining popularity.

“I think, in general, it is growing because it’s becoming more technical and intense, which is making it become more recognized as a real sport,” said Curtis Schultz, captain of the Sandy Cheeks corec volleyball team.

“More women’s teams and co-rec teams signed up for indoor volleyball, and we have seen an increase in co-rec sand volleyball as well,” said Cindy Strine, Associate Director of Programs at the Recreation Center.

Because of the growing numbers, the center expanded the number of matches it is able to offer the volleyball leagues.

“I chose to be a captain because I loved playing volleyball in high school for fun, so I got a team together to get involved in a little competition,” Schultz said.

Strine said any student can form an open league team. Teams are made up of groups based on their groupings, such as residence halls, student organizations or Greek Life chapters. Additionally, Greek Life organizations request separate conferences from the open leagues, which include a Men’s Black Division and Men’s Gold Division in soccer, basketball and flag football.

“All men are allowed to play in two of the three men’s divisions,” she said. “This allows them to play with different groups of people if they desire.”

For sophomore Austin Ratzki, captain of the Delta Tau Delta volleyball team, Greek sports is more rewarding than participating in intramural sports.

“It’s way more competitive than intramural sports,” he said.

He said it also encompasses more teamwork than regular intramural leagues, which he has played for in the past.

“When the fraternity supports you, that’s the team aspect,” he said. “It’s not only playing for your teammates — you’re representing your house. That’s compared to when I played intramurals, which is kind of playing for yourself.”

In addition to Greek Life, organizations like Evans Scholars, Brothers Under Christ, Delta Epsilon Chi and Campus Crusade have been active in RecSports.

The four-week season of intramural sports is followed by two weeks of playoffs which the top half of the teams advance to. Strine said she believes RecSports draws teams of various skill levels and commitment.

“Much of it depends on the attitude of the individual players and the communication among the team,” she said. “All leagues have competitive teams in them.”

Registration for basketball and soccer closes Sept. 30. Students can register for intramural sports online.

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