RHA introduces new program at national conference

The conference included programs regarding how to improve residence halls and other topics.

The Residence Halls Association was successful with the introduction of a new program at the Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls conference over the past weekend.

“(Former RHA National Communications Coordinator) Mike Madden introduced a program to MACURH called ‘the triple action plan’ to get schools to do philanthropic work through three different organizations about Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Autism,” National Communications Coordinator Paul Reeves said.

Madden received a Silver Pin for introducing the triple action plan.

“It is an award that our regional board director, Sammy Nebulsi, gives out, and he only gives out eight,” said Taylor Dukes, RHA director of service and sustainability. “Our previous NCC received one this year.”

The pins are given out to people who illustrate superior performance and are exceptional representatives of their regional and national organization.

“MACURH is our regional conference,” Reeves said. “It is the RHA and NRHHs (National Residence Hall Honorary) from all of the Midwest Universities. This year there were 40 different schools in attendance.”

MU has a special connection with MACURH, RHA Adviser J. Heim said.

“Mizzou is one of four schools who created the first MACURH, which was just the Midwest region schools and led to the creation of its national association, NACURH,” Heim said.

Dukes was chosen to be a part of a national committee.

“I applied and was approved to be on a national committee that runs throughout the year,” Dukes said. “I have to do weekly Skype meetings with different representatives from colleges all over the world.”

Treasurer Chris Rucker attended the presidents’ boardroom meeting where they discussed leadership and awards.

“In the presidents’ boardroom we voted on making a sustainability award for an outside organization,” Rucker said. “We also discussed SALT, Student Activity Leadership Training, and voted Kansas State University as the organization of the year.”

At this November’s MACURH conference, Dukes, Madden and RHA Secretary Kathy Rudd introduced programs.

Reeves said a program is a workshop where RHA members learn how to improve their residence halls, how to bring diversity to campus, how to work with student staff better and other things that are important to most universities.

Jerica C. Holt, freshman representative for North and Center Halls, said she liked the flexibility of the whole weekend.

“I liked that we had time to attend more than just two or three programs,” she said. “The way the conference was set up this year, students could customize their schedule to maximize the benefits that they brought back to their universities.”

Rudd said the next MACURH conference is to be held at Creighton University, but in the future, MU may be looking to host a conference of its own.

“We are looking at making a bid for hosting MACURH sometime,” Rudd said. “We want to either host the No-Frills or MACURH conference.”

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