RHA president resigns

Former Vice President Lauren Thomas was sworn in as RHA's new president at the congressional meeting.
Residence Hall Association President Rachael Feuerborn announces her resignation at the RHA meeting Monday night at Pershing Hall. Feuerborn said she resigned because she wanted to focus on other areas of her life.

The Residence Halls Association president of one and a half years announced Monday in the RHA congressional meeting that the night would be her last night as president.

Former RHA President Rachael Feuerborn said she was going to wait to announce her resignation in December but that her visit home to Kansas City over the weekend made her realize that it was time to make some changes.

“Over the weekend I was really stressed out because I had so much going on with RHA, school, my job and my future, and I got in a bad car accident,” Feuerborn said. “Being pulled out of a car with a concussion made me realize that I need to take time to de-stress and focus on myself to assure that I can graduate at semester like I had planned and get my personal life in order.”

Feuerborn said she loved every moment as RHA president.

“After the improvements that we have made, I have full confidence that (former Vice President) Lauren (Thomas), the executive board and the legislative branch will do a fantastic job,” Feuerborn said. “Since I became president of RHA, I haven’t had time for myself, and while I loved focusing all of my time on RHA, it came to a certain point where I needed to focus on me a little more.”

Feuerborn did not take questions from RHA members at the meeting but asked all RHA members in Congress to contact her if they had any questions or concerns. She said she would still be around campus and around RHA events, just not as president.

“It is surprising, and I was not expecting it at all and it is really kind of sad,” said Sean Noble, freshman RHA representative from Wolpers Hall.

Following Feuerborn’s announcement at the beginning of the RHA Congressional meeting Monday, Thomas acted as president.

“Starting tonight, Lauren is the president,” Feuerborn said.

RHA Adviser J. Heim said Thomas would be accepting applications from representatives to fill the now-open vice president position.

Thomas was sworn in as RHA president in front of Congress on Monday and informed Congress members of the open position.

“I am hoping to have a vice president by the end of this semester,” Thomas said.

Thomas said she also feels confident that RHA will run smoothly under new leadership.

“I am excited to finish out the year strong, and my goal is to make sure that the things that we promised to get done will get done to the best of my ability,” Thomas said. “I have no doubt that RHA will still run smoothly, regardless of any situation that we encounter.”

She said any representative, cabinet member or executive member who is interested in running for vice president can approach her, and the only requirement is he or she has to have been in RHA for at least one semester.

“I want someone with different strengths than myself so that we can see things from all different views so that together we can be successful,” Thomas said.

Thomas will be president of RHA from now until the end of this school year in May 2011.

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