RHA presidential slates finalized

Elections will begin on Feb. 27 and results will be announced March 1.

On Feb. 14, the Residence Halls Association finalized the slates that will be running in this year’s presidential election.

The three slates — Jackson Farley and Shannon Dawson, James Jordan and Tom Bourneuf, and Anurag Chandran and Brooke Burge — had to announce their candidacies, along with petitions of at least 50 signatures from students living in residence halls.

When Elections Chair Lindsay Weber confirms the announcements and signatures, the slates can begin their campaigns.

Farley said he and his running mate, Dawson, will be running on the platform ‘Strengthening RHA from the Inside Out.’ This entails increased programming, improved marketing and promotion and better communication between the branches. Dawson said this would also include increased sustainability efforts.

Chandran said his slate would place a heavy emphasis on sustainability as well. He also said they will aim to revamp the dining system, increase knowledge about sexual health through SHAPE and other programs, improve communication between RHA and students, and better utilize RHA funds. Both he and Burge said RHA has funds that hall governments can request, and these funds are underutilized.

“That’s why I wanted to run (for president),” Chandran said. “If students are living in res halls, they might as well make it much more worthwhile since we have excess funds. If we have the funds, we might as well make it useful for students."

Weber said students will receive an email notifying them when elections open at midnight on Feb. 27. Elections will close Feb. 28. Results will be announced at the RHA Ball on March 1.

Whichever slate wins the election will train with the current president and vice president and will be inaugurated during the last RHA Congress of the year, current President Zack Folk said.

Weber said in an email she is running the elections and is to remain unbiased about the process. Although she must remain unbiased, she said she expects a good election this year.

“I do think the election will be very interesting,” Weber said. “There were three slates this year and last, and there is a good balance of experience both within RHA and in campus involvement outside of RHA (in the slates).”

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