RHA 'Roasted Rave' marks midway point for Dashboard contest

The event encouraged students to turn off the lights, get outside and have fun.

The Residence Halls Association hosted the Roasted Rave on Wednesday night on Dairy Lawn as part of Sustainability Week.

“Over the summer, Rachael Feuerborn and I talked a lot about events for the year and I love dancing, so this was a huge goal of mine to have a big dance party,” said Caleb Krenning, RHA Events and Planning Committee chairman.

Krenning said his intention was to get students to cut the power and come outside, roast marshmallows and hotdogs, hang out and dance.

“I was approached by (RHA Director of Service and Sustainability) Taylor Dukes to come up with a Sustainability Week event,” Krenning said. “The idea was that students would get out of their rooms, turn off the lights and unplug things to come out and grab some food and dance.”

The rave drew a healthy attendance, and RHA ran out of supplies during the event.

“So far tonight we have gone through the whole five gallons of apple cider and hot chocolate that CDS provided, passed out all 150 T-shirts that we had made and given out tons of glow sticks,” freshman RHA member April Summers said.

RHA strategically chose the location of the rave to promote the Dashboard energy conservation contest.

“We chose this location because the surrounding residence halls, College Avenue, Hatch and Schurz, are all part of the Dashboard competition,” RHA adviser J. Heim said.

Out of respect for the surrounding residents, the rave ended at 10 p.m.

“We don’t usually allow events to go past 10 p.m. on a school night, just out of respect for students in the area,” Assistant Director of Residential Life Kristen Temple said.

Sophomore Lisa Sauter said she was excited to get a chance to dance at the event.

“It was different and I knew that since RHA was hosting it and Caleb was heading it up that it would be good,” she said.

She said the event was worth the lost study time because students need to take a break from homework, meetings and serious things every once in a while and just have a good time.

In its efforts to promote sustainability, RHA aimed to make all of the items used at the event recyclable.

“All of the food was provided by Campus Dining and all of the cups and things are recyclable,” Summers said. “We didn’t provide plastic plates or anything to reduce waste and we tried to use as few lights as possible to conserve energy. The DJ equipment was a compromise.”

RHA is sponsoring the Mizzou Dashboard contest, and the Roasted Rave served as the organization’s midway celebration of the energy conservation competition.

“(Wednesday) is the sort of ‘hump-day’ for the Dashboard competition and that is why we chose this day for our big event,” Dukes said.

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