RHA votes on fall semester budget

The organization has been allocated $26,331 for fall semester.

The Residence Halls Association and its new members met for the first time Monday to discuss representative’s responsibilities and vote to secure the budget for this year.

RHA President Rachael Feuerborn said RHA was reconstructed at the end of last year and this year’s representatives are the first to experience the new committees and the new construction of the RHA Congress.

“Last year we reconstructed RHA and you guys are the pilot of the new system,” Feuerborn said to assembled representatives. “The six committees are brand new and the exec board not being as involved is new also. I will be working on looking over that legislation to come up with solutions to the glitches in the new system.”

A budget is allotted to RHA through residence hall fees. RHA Treasurer Chris Rucker said the fall allocation of $26,331 is not as much as in previous years. The money will go toward executive members’ stipends, scholarship funds and office supplies, among other things.

“If an organization wants to do something that will benefit the residents, we are here to support them in that,” Speaker Pro Tempore Jared Grafman said. Grafman is also a senior staff writer for The Maneater.

Student cannot request personal sponsorship from RHA. Only organizations related to the association that directly benefit students can do so.

“Every funding request that comes to RHA has to benefit the residents in some way,” Crawford said.

Representative voted Monday night to set the maximum limit for sponsorship. RHA allows for its committees to fill requests for funding under a maximum dollar amount decided by the legislative branch, which includes all representatives.

Representatives voted to set that maximum at $500. If an organization requests more money, the request is taken into Congress and voted on. If it is passed, the request can be filled.

“Most funding requests are for a substantial amount of money so they would kind of teeter around $700 most of the time, but a lot of them (last year) were around the general area of $600, $700 or $1000,” Feuerborn said.

RHA offers five scholarships to MU students each year.

“At the end of every year we provide five $1,000 scholarships and they are open to all residents and RHA members,” Rucker said.

Feuerborn said she is working with extended campus housing, such as Tiger Diggs, to disaffiliate with RHA, due to the difficulty they face in running any form of government off campus. She is also working to reduce clutter on move-in day for freshmen.

“I am trying to have everything that is put on the desks in the residence halls put into the U-Guide, so that it is all in one place and not so much clutter for students,” Feuerborn said.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and RHA will be participating by hosting “Paint it Pink" to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Vice President Lauren Thomas said.

Freshman Denaro Mack said her floor government is also supporting charity efforts.

“My floor government, third floor Galena, is hosting a book drive for University Hospital,” Mack said. “It is open to all of the residence halls and is located in the Hawlewood dorms.”

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