Rollins extends late night hours

The dining hall's late-night menu will also expand.
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Starting Oct. 11, Rollins Late Night will expand both its menu and hours.

Campus Dining Service Associate Director Steve Simpson said in an e-mail the expansion came after numerous student requests to have dining options later than 11 p.m.

"We think Rollins will be a popular location from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.," Simpson said.

Rollins Dining Hall Manager Nancy Monteer said in an e-mail the new Rollins Late Night would be open Sunday through Thursday and also gave details about the new menu.

"In addition to Pizza to Go, which will remain available during these hours, we are adding patty melts, grilled cheese, turkey melts, breakfast wraps, breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit, fries, hash browns, bacon and milkshakes," Monteer said.

With the new hours in place, Rollins Late Night adds to the list of CDS locations to have late hours. Other locations include Baja Grill and Emporium.

Monteer said to keep have Rollins Late Night up and running, she has added 10 additional student employee positions to staff the late night dining. There have been numerous signs within Rollins dining hall asking for new employees for the late night shift.

As for promoting the new hours and menu, Monteer said there will be table tents as well as information that will be posted on the CDS website.

"I like the new hours because there are times when I want a burger or pizza, but it's too late and all the dining halls are closed," freshman Nick Terrell said. "With that, I don't have to go hungry at night, and there's more variety in terms of choices."

Freshman Eric Bonin expressed his excitement about the new Rollins Late Night.

"Sometimes I want to eat a little later, and I don't always want to eat at Baja Grill," he said. "With all the varieties, I like that a lot better."

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