Save Student Newsrooms: Maneater staffers share the importance of The Maneater through testimonies supporting independent student journalism

April 25, 2019 marks the second anniversary of the Save Student Newsrooms movement.

This week, The Maneater is joining student-run newsrooms across the nation to support the Save Student Newsrooms campaign. Last year, The Daily Campus, Southern Methodist University’s student-run publication, had to close and re-affiliate with the university due to lack of funding. This is the second annual Save Student Newsrooms Day, and The Maneater is proud to support independent college journalism.

Below is a collection of testimonials from past and present Maneater staffers about what The Maneater means them.

“The Maneater gave me a home at MU and made me realize what I wanted to do with my future. The Maneater gave me many friends and always was a place to go when I was on campus. I learned so many skills and valuable lessons that I will definitely use in the future.”

-Hannah Kirchwehm, sophomore journalism student, former visuals director, 2018 - 2019

“I joined The Maneater right when I arrived at MU in August of 2017 as a copy editor and reporter. Being hired as a copy chief for The Maneater has definitely been a highlight of my college career, and it’s something I’ll have fond memories of for the rest of my life. Getting to see the copy editors I hired this year grow alongside the writers and reporters whose work they edit under my supervision has been so rewarding. Being involved in student media has made my journalism classes easier because of the skills I’ve learned through my college newspaper. It’s been such a valuable experience for me.”

-Anne Clinkenbeard, sophomore journalism student, former copy chief, 2018 - 2019

“The Maneater has provided me with a means to learn journalism. Coupled with it being a great social environment, the paper has given me confidence that my future at MU will be rich with great friends and stories. It is an opportunity that every budding journalism major should take advantage of.”

-Ben Scott, freshman journalism student, student politics editor, 2019 - Present

“Working at The Maneater and MOVE Magazine has provided more than just an incredible learning opportunity for aspiring journalists like me, but also has helped with managing the more stressful aspects through having such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Everyone who works here is extremely dedicated and passionate about what they do. I can’t imagine my college experience without it, and everyone deserves a place like that.”

-Joe Cross, freshman journalism student, MOVE angles editor, 2018 - Present

“I loved working at The Maneater because it allowed me to grow as a journalist by doing actual journalistic work before I go to the Missourian. I made a lot of friends on staff and learned indispensable skills, including AP Style, time management and communication. Without The Maneater, I wouldn’t have been nearly as confident in J2100, where journalistic skills are essential.”

-Emily Wolf, sophomore journalism student, former university news editor, 2018 - 2019

“The Maneater has given me a space to learn and grow as a journalist alongside students with the same creative passion, who I now get to call my friends. The Maneater has encouraged me to try new things, and push myself to do things I might not have otherwise had the confidence to do. Even students outside of The Maneater benefit from the content we produce; we write, design and create for them, and that is why The Maneater is important.”

-Emily Mann, freshman journalism student, graphics editor, 2019 - Present

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