Sexual assault arrest made outside Student Center

MUPD was able to track the suspect using the victim’s stolen cellphone.

A woman reported that a man exposed himself to her early Wednesday morning outside the Student Center, MU Police Department Maj. Brian Weimer said in an email to The Maneater.

The victim said she ran away from the man, later identified as 25-year-old Richard Lee Henderson, leaving her phone and backpack. She was able to use another person’s cellphone to call MUPD. When she and an officer returned to the bench, her phone and some other items were missing, Weimer said.

The MUPD officer put out a description of the man and worked with the victim to track her phone. Officers located Henderson by tracking the victim's phone and were then able to make an arrest. Weimer said Henderson fought with officers during the arrest.

According to Boone County arrest reports, Henderson was taken to Boone County Jail with two counts of sexual misconduct and assault, as well as a felony for stealing and receiving stolen property. Henderson was also charged for fighting with officers and resisting arrest.

Henderson’s bail is set at $15,500 as of Thursday morning.

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