SFCIC allocates funds to departments, organizations

Several organizations, including KCOU, MUTV and STRIPES received funds.
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The Student Fee Capital Improvement Committee recommended the funding of more than $260,000 to several departments and student organizations Tuesday.

The committee, which consists of faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, receives requests for funds from MU students and faculty every year. SFCIC then submits a list of recommendations to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs for approval.

This year, SFCIC, which is given $270,000 by MU to allocate, received 38 requests for a total of $723,749 and chose to fund 26 of them for a total of $260,127.

"There are a lot of questions that we asked ourselves when deciding how much to allocate for each proposal," SFCIC Chairman Bryan VanGronigen said. "What improvements would affect the most students? Is it a capital improvement that will stay with the university?"

Several organizations, including MUTV/Channel 23, KCOU, STRIPES, the Missouri Students Association and Sustain Mizzou submitted requests for funds.

Both MUTV and KCOU received funds to purchase new equipment in SFCIC's list of recommendations.

Although MUTV only received $36,000 of the $82,000 requested for studio equipment for the new student center, MUTV General Manager Sarah Schultz said the funds will be enough to cover two new cameras and several lights.

"I am very, very happy to see these funds being granted for us," Schultz said. "This money is a jumping off point for our new studio in the new student center and I'm very pleased with the amount we received."

KCOU also received partial funding for their largest request, collecting $17,000 from a $51,000 proposal for new studio equipment. In their list of recommendations, SFCIC suggested KCOU use the money to purchase a new digital console and new microphones, but KCOU General Manager John Dobson said the station would probably use the money for several various items. He said KCOU is looking into several other areas for funding, including the Division of Informatoin Technology's innovation fund.

SFCIC also recommended that funds to be allocated for 22.5 percent of money requested by Student Auxiliary Services spokeswoman Michelle Froese to cover the cost of furnishings in the new student center.

"In the past we've given her a very substantial amount of money so we wanted to spread the funds around to some different departments and organizations this year," VanGronigen said. "However, we still saw the importance of furnishing the new student center."

Stankowski Field received full funding in SFCIC's recommendations for a portable LED scoreboard for intramural and club sports, which cost $15,000. Bleachers for the field, which cost more than $18,000, were not approved for funding.

SFCIC chose not to fund several other items, including tennis courts, equipment for SCUBA Club and a covered bike structure, which would have been constructed near Jones Residence Hall and was estimated to cost $75,000.

"We chose not to fund some of the larger requests, such as the covered structure for bikes, because we didn't feel a definite need for them," VanGronigen said.

Sustain Mizzou received funds for greenhouse building material, a canopy tent and a binding machine to make recycled notebooks, but didn't receive money for a corn cob costume and carrot costume they had requested.

SFCIC approved STRIPES's request for $2,205 for eight GPS tracking units, on the condition that STRIPES use the money to purchase a navigation system with a solid capital expenditure rather than a service contract. STRIPES Director Tanner Tucker said the organization hasn't made a decision on whether to use the money for the GPS units yet.

Although Scroggs hasn't approved SFCIC's recommendations yet, she said in an e-mail she hadn't seen any recommendation made by the committee with which she disagreed.

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