Sigma Kappa, Kappa Delta fly solo for Homecoming

Although the fraternities they were paired with dropped out on short notice, PHA believes that the sororities can pull off Homecoming on their own.

Two sorority chapters, Sigma Kappa and Kappa Delta, are making MU Homecoming history.

Traditionally, sororities are paired with one or two fraternities when they participate in Greek Homecoming festivities. The pairs were announced in April. Sigma Kappa was paired with Sigma Nu and Kappa Delta was paired with Delta Sigma Phi.

Sigma Nu dropped out on Sept. 26 and Delta Sigma Phi dropped out on Oct 1. The sororities now have to work alone.

There is no available information as to why the two fraternities dropped out. Delta Sigma Phi and Sigma Nu declined to comment.

“Obviously (Sigma Kappa) worked with Sigma Nu up to this point, but finishing all their house decorations, their float and their skit is going to be just by themselves now,” said Carolyn Welter, Panhellenic Association vice president of public relations.

While Sigma Kappa’s national organization declined to comment on the situation, Kappa Delta’s national Director of Communications Heidi Roy expressed her confidence that the chapter will have a successful Homecoming nonetheless.

“The Kappa Delta chapter at the University of Missouri has local advisors who are supporting and guiding the chapter as it adjusts to the situation,” Roy said in an email. “This is an exceptional chapter with strong chapter leaders. Members look forward to participating in Homecoming activities.”

The last time a sorority participated in Homecoming alone was in 1999.

Although the change happened on short notice, PHA also has faith that the two sororities can pull off Homecoming on their own.

“We have full confidence in them that they can do a great job,” Welter said.

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