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Slate drops out of Residence Halls Association presidential election

Voting begins on March 2.

RHA candidates Kyle Roberts and Emily Aiken announced that they have resigned from the Residence Halls Association presidential race Feb. 19, according to a news release from the Office of the Justices.

The remaining slate, consisting of Matt Bourke and Martha Pangborn, will be placed against a vote of no confidence in the March 2–4 election.

“After I received the news from the Roberts/Aiken Slate, the elections committee (consisting of the RHA justices that do not have any conflicts of interest) came together to discuss how to address it,” Chief Justice Garrett Wilt, head of the elections committee, said in an email. “We ruled that in order to have a legitimate election, the residents must be provided with two or more options.”

According to the news release, “All events will proceed as outlined in the RHA Election Guidelines document provided by the Judicial Branch.” The Bourke/Pangborn slate will still be expected to follow campaign regulations until the election period is over.

As of Feb. 16, the Bourke/Pangborn slate has not committed any infractions.

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