Snow brings about 200 car accidents

There were one rollover accident and 13 accidents with injuries Tuesday morning.
Cars slowly drive down Elm Street in Columbia near the Columbia Missourian. There were 199 vehicle accidents Tuesday morning as a result of the slick roads.

Columbia’s Public Works Department was prepared for Tuesday’s snow, but no one expected the roads to become as dangerous as they did, Columbia spokeswoman Jill Stedem said.

According to a Columbia Police Department news release, 199 car accidents were reported in Boone County between midnight and 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Of the 112 accidents CPD responded to, one rollover and 13 accidents with injuries occurred, according to the news release. There were no fatalities.

“The problem happened with the snow hitting the warm ground,” Stedem said. “Once it hit, it froze. That’s what caused the problems.”

There were no accidents with Columbia Transit buses, Stedem said.

Joint Communications and Public Works worked closely to make sure emergency vehicles could get where they needed, she said.

Stedem said a partial crew of snowplows started clearing roads at 5 a.m. Tuesday, and shortly after all 22 snowplows were out, the crew began putting down salt on the roads. Public Works covered 500 miles of city roads.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is responsible for state roads, including Providence Road and Stadium Boulevard.

Stedem said Public Works is still keeping an eye on the roads.

“We always watch for refreezing and slick spots,” she said. “While the temperatures remain cold, there is a potential for refreezing, and we will watch that to make sure the roads are taken care of. For now our crews are pretty much done.”

For future snowstorms, Stedem advised drivers not to follow snowplows too quickly, and CPD added that drivers should leave for their destination early and be patient.

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