Spring rush lets students go Greek later

In August, hundreds of women hurried to campus a week early for Greek rush. Although spring rush isn't as big as its fall counterpart, it has its benefits.

Tammy Sellmeyer, a member of Kappa Delta, said many women who went through fall rush wish they had waited.

"People who go through fall rush may not be sure right then and there that they want to be Greek," she said. "Spring rush gives those who are unsure a chance to experience all of their options so they can make a wise choice."

Sellmeyer, who participated in fall rush, said she would have waited until spring so she could have seen what other opportunities MU offers.

Julienne Jimenez, who rushed the Kappa Kappa Gamma house in August, said she enjoyed the formality of fall rush.

"Spring rush is worse than fall rush because it is not as formal," she said. "It is shorter and there are not as many people participating."

While some say they don't have enough time to look at all their choices in fall rush, Jimenez said she was able to make her choice easily because all houses participated.

Mary Olomon, a member of Alpha Phi, said spring rush is better because by that time women have a chance to see their choices and to get the overall view of sorority life.

"This is a good opportunity for the system to get more girls and for the girls to get into the system," Olomon said.

She said she never pictured herself in a sorority, but she said her sorority will help her explore opportunities in her career.

Olomon went through continuous open bidding, which is when houses accept pledges all year, not only during certain times.

"Continuous open bidding is better for those who want to join right away," said Erika Hyland, a member of Alpha Phi.

Bethany Herbst, a member of Sigma Kappa, said spring rush allows people to be themselves because less people are involved.

"Pledging takes up a lot of a person's time," she said. "For those who did not have the time first semester to pledge, spring rush gives them another chance."

Herbst also said spring rush is a good chance for the houses to get to know fewer women better at one time.

Lora Vogt, executive vice president of Sigma Kappa, said while fall rush is hectic, rushing in the spring gives women a chance to become Greek without the hassle of competing with hundreds of women.

"Spring rush is informal, fewer houses participate and students have a better idea of what house suits them well," Vogt said.

The Pan Hellenic Council has not yet set a date for spring rush.

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