Student governments meet to discuss changes to finals week

RHA and MSA voted to approve schedule changes, but GPC and LBC abstained.
Residence Halls Association President Lauren Thomas speaks at a joint session hosted by RHA on Wednesday in the MU Student Center. Thomas spoke about improvements that have been made in the past year, such as the implementation of smaller trays in the dining halls.

The Residence Halls Association hosted a joint session with the Missouri Students Association, the Legion of Black Collegians and the Graduate Professional Council on Wednesday evening. Residential Life Director Frankie Minor was also in attendance.

RHA Speaker Michael Crawford welcomed the groups, and each body introduced itself with past activities it hosted.

RHA President Lauren Thomas said it renewed its contract with MUTV/Channel 23 News to choose the movie line up, co-sponsored B.o.B and Safety Walk and are working to co-sponsor a MizzouWireless Walk with the other student governments.

MSA Senate Speaker Evan Wood cited MSA's passage of a resolution to drop the charges of the “Faurot 30” and that they are doing some internal restructuring to include a new position called the amicus curiae to serve as a professionally trained adviser to help students in the discipline process.

LBC Political Committee Chairwoman Whitney Williams represented LBC at the joint session. She explained LBC’s role on campus to those present.

“We are the black student government on campus, and we are the leading voice for black students on campus,” Williams said. “We host forums and speakers who are relevant to our students, and we are currently working to achieve even more this year.”

GPC President Kristofferson Culmer said GPC’s overall goal this semester has been looking after the needs of the graduate students by hosting such activities as a monthly social event.

Culmer said GPC is keeping an eye on the cutting of low-producing academic departments on campus because it mostly affects graduate students seeking professional degrees.

Before they voted on legislation, Minor addressed the session’s attendees. He encouraged them to visit the Leadership Lounge upstairs in the MU Student Center.

“It is engraved with the names of previous student leaders, many of which came back for the dedication and for homecoming,” Minor said.

Minor congratulated members of all the student governments for taking the first step by getting involved, but he stressed getting involved is not enough. He urged them to use their values, ideas, actions, words and reflections to prepare themselves to be leaders in whatever they do.

Following Minor’s address, Thomas proposed the joint resolution regarding finals week.

The purpose of the resolution is to request that Faculty Council reschedule final exam week. It proposes Stop Day be moved to Thursday and Reading Day be moved to the Friday before finals to allow students three full days to study for exams, which would begin at 7:30 a.m. Monday. All exams would be completed by 9:30 p.m. on the following Thursday, and no student should be required to take more than two scheduled final exams in the same day.

RHA and MSA voted in favor of passing the resolution, and LBC and GPC both abstained from voting until their executive councils reviewed and discussed the proposition.

At the conclusion of the joint session, Crawford passed the gavel to Woods, indicating MSA would host the next joint session.

“We are already tracking down a date for the next session, and all leadership will be notified within a few weeks when the session will take place,” Woods said.

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