Students elect Schara, Haberberger for MSA president and vice president

Schara and Haberberger ran a campaign centered on open and frequent communication across campus.

The month-long Missouri Students Association election has come to an end.


Juniors Mason Schara and Kelsey Haberberger won the presidential election with the slogan "Connecting Mizzou's Stripes."

The slate won 38 percent of the vote with 2033 of the 5387 votes.

Juniors Luke Blackburn and Connor Hickox came in second place with 33 percent of the vote, 1800 votes total. Juniors Zac Sweets and Zack Folk won 29 percent of the vote, with 1554 votes.

Schara and Haberberger will begin transitional conversations with the current administration, which has been compiling extensive transition binders for the last several weeks.

The announcement event, which took place on the steps of Jesse Hall, was kicked off by MSA President Nick Droege. Before handing the floor to David Wettroth, the Board of Elections Commissioners chairman, Droege gave the candidates some advice as they waited to hear the election results.

“I know (the elections) are so focused on who wins (and) who loses, but whoever wins … (has) two other slates that lost that have incredible ideas,” Droege said. “It would be remiss not to incorporate them into your term. All of you have had such an incredible impact on the university. You guys are all incredible people. All I can hope is that you guys work together to make sure that students are benefiting from that.”

Wettroth announced the results to an audience, consisting of campaign-managers, long-time supporters, incumbent cabinet members and senators, and the candidates.

When Wettroth announced that Schara and Haberberger won, the slate's supporters burst into applause.

“I am so proud of everything that we have accomplished, but not just us, other slates too,” Haberberger said. “It was a wonderful election and I’m really excited.”

Schara joked that he had spent the last several days “tabling my life away and being in constant communication with all of these people, all the time.”

Schara admitted that he had no expectations for who would eventually win the election.

“I had no idea,” Schara said. “Everyone worked so hard. Zac Sweets and Zack Folk, Luke (Blackburn) and Connor (Hickox) worked so, so hard. They gave us a run for their money, and I think we gave them one. I loved working with them.”


Wettroth also announced the winners of the MSA senatorial elections. This was the first time senatorial elections have been held in the fall, the result of a recent change led by Operations Committee Chairman Benjamin Bolin and passed by MSA Senate that divides the opening of seats between the two semesters.

The results of the senatorial elections can be found below, organized by college.

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

  • Ann Millington
  • Abbye Torgerson

College of Arts and Science

  • Mitchell Moonier
  • Leighton McCabe
  • Nicholas Schwartz
  • Sean Oates
  • Emmitt Wright
  • Hannah Lammers

College of Business

  • Jeremy Terman
  • Matt Shepard

College of Education

  • Patrick Dent

College of Engineering

  • Dick Ross
  • Miranda Cundiff

School of Health Professions

  • David Thibeau

College of Human Environmental Science

  • Kelly Moyers

School of Journalism

  • Emilie Scott
  • Natali Alamdari

School of Nursing

  • Bobbie Woods


The sustainability fee referendum, which due to a clerical error is required to pass student approval every few years, was passed with an overwhelming majority. This student fee ensures funding to the Environmental Leadership Office and is set at $1.06 per student per semester.

The referendum noted the clerical error, asking students in a separate section whether or not they would like the fee to continue to require approval every four years, something entirely unique to this student fee. The measure passed with 68 percent of students voting in affirmation of this measure, meaning the Sustainability Fee will be up for a approval again in 2017.


The 50 cent student fee funding the Associated Students of the University of Missouri was also approved by students, with 80 percent of students voting in favor. The fee will be up for approval every four years.

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